Fogs’ Movie Reviews has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Best Reviewer!

Lammy-111The remarkable run of 2013 Lammy Awards continues on for FMR. Earlier today, I was awarded the Lammy Award for Best Reviewer.

Obviously, movie reviews are the heart and soul of most movie blogs, and to be awarded “Best Reviewer” is a very prestigious honor, to me… I’m incredibly honored, and very flattered. I’m never afraid to make my reviews personal, and I occasional try to make them experimental. LOL I’m thrilled that people think of them so highly!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me, I’ve been astonished by the results all week… Thank you everyone for your patience through this as well, I realize that this celebratory many posts are a test of patience, I really do.

Congratulations to Runner Up Alex Withrow of And So it Begins, and to all the other nominees: Jessica of The Velvet Café, Mark Walker of Marked Movies, Lady Sati of Cinematic Corner, Tyson Carter of Head in a Vice, Dan of Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews, Dan Heaton of Public Transportation Snob, Nick Powell of The Cinematic Katzenjammer, and Chris Thompson of Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop. They’re all great reviewers, be sure to check them out!

A big thanks goes out to Todd over at Forgotten Films, who turned in the best presentation video yet (below)!


58 thoughts on “Fogs’ Movie Reviews has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Best Reviewer!

  1. This is turning into a [insert Titanic, Ben-Hur, LOTR: Return of the Kind]-type run you’ve got going, Fogs. Notice I didn’t say ‘The English Patient’ ;-). Well done and congrats, my friend.

    • LOL. Yeah, well, “Best Picture” is still to be awarded. Not that I wont be honored and grateful with my armful of statuettes, but now I need to seal the deal! 😯 A week ago I would have seen things far differently, but with this run? Gott put the ball over the goallline!!

      Thanks though Le0p, I appreciate the good wishes.

    • Welllllllll… technically Mettel took best blog-a-thon (which was WELL deserved), I’m just saying it’s not technically a sweep. Plus, Best Blog is still to come. Joel Burman is turning me over a spit right now making us wait to see… JOEL!!! CMON!!! YOURE KILLING ME!!

      LOL, ok, I’m sorry, I went off there a little Fernando, my bad.

      • Well, almost a sweep! Still, very impressive showing, Fogs. And congrats to Mettel. Her blogathon was awesome. I had the honor of participating.

  2. So this series of awards started out with some suspense but rapidly descended into repetitive scenes and outcomes that are predictable. While credible in the scenes depicting his writing, he is wholly unbelievable as a modest self effacing award winner. The awards get the anvil but the author gets a meh. (Clearly Congratulations)

    • I disgaree with the “wholly unbelievable as a modest self effacing award winner” there are times when I’m at least partially credible. 😀

      I’ll grant you the repetitive scenes though, I didn’t expect to win this many, so… the single post strategy was clearly ill advised. Still learning as I go Richard, still figuring it all out on the fly, you know? :/

      • OK, Anvil for Sincere Modesty, and graciousness, you talked me into it.Hah.

    • LOL. I’ve heard you mocking me with that “King!” call more than once in my head during this week, Garner. LOL 😀 Funny though, good times.

      Yeah, an amazing run dude. Crazy stuff. The top prize is still on the shelf, but there’s only a couple of hours left now of waiting…

    • Thanks Jay 😀 I may actually do that for a day or two… just put all the banners they send out into my sidebar. I think they’d run all the way down to where the (tpmp) logo is now 😯

      Still, gotta do it right? 😀

      I like that formula. I need to write that down someplace!

  3. Gawd! Enough already!! LOL! You know I kid–right? 😀

    This is awesome! All well–deserved–The Year of The Fogs–I’m calling it.

    Later, my friend! 🙂

    • Trust me, there’s a grain of truth in there. I know, I know myself. I’ll be happy to return to normalcy tomorrow. HOPEFULLY there’s one more post to make. HOPEFULLY. 😯

      Thank you Nedi, and Later 😉

  4. LOTR: The Return of the Fogs! Bloody hell, how many does that make (I totally lost count)?

    In all honesty, well done & well deserved!

  5. I stopped even looking for the results, untouchable this year it seems! I’d get your acceptance speech ready for any other awards too! Been a good year for you Fogs, congrats!

    • LOL. That’s another thing, I bet I killed the Lammys this year in terms of participation, etc. People are probably rolling their eyes and checking out en masse. 🙄 It is what it is though Tyson, I didn’t mean to do it!

      Thanks you though buddy, I appreciate it. I’m not as much of a lock for the Kahuna as people think, but let’s hope. It’s the last one left! 😯

    • LOL. Thanks Dan. Sorry to be a killjoy. 😉

      I’d have to rank as favorite on the adjusted odds boards right now, but if Man I Love Films isn’t almost even money with me, the odds are off. TPMP and MILFcast were two votes apart Dan, and now the field expands to ten, which redistributes some votes. 😯

      So dont hand out any LAMMY pool winnings just yet. 😯

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