The Great Debates: Star Trek vs Star Wars – And the Winner Is…

Star Trek Vs Star Wars

Here we go everyone! Last week we pitted the two most famous Sci-Fi franchise in history against each other and opened it up to a vote to see which one FMR readers preferred… 115 people cast their

Click through to see which one won!

Star Wars


With a final score of 61 to 54 (53% to 47%), Star Wars comes out on top! As usual here, to the victor go the spoils, so here are some of the things the Star Wars fans had to say!

Star Wars winners comments


Ok everyone. There you have it! It truly did turn into a great debate!

Until next time, thanks to everyone who voted and joined in!

Daniel Fogarty


56 thoughts on “The Great Debates: Star Trek vs Star Wars – And the Winner Is…

  1. Am a true Trekkie but I do love me some Star Wars. I wasn’t surprised with Star Wars win, though. Great Great Debate, Fogarty! 🙂

    • It has, for sure. I think the new movies being so focused on action helps, and I think the prequels and the CGI redos hurt Star Wars…. so that gap has been closing for years. 😉

  2. I missed out on this debate. I’m definitely in the Star Trek camp, but I’m also in the “they are two completely different things that just both happen to be set in space” camp.

  3. I’ve found some votes in the trunk of my car and several precincts report that they have boxes of votes in the back room that they forgot to submit. With a margin of maybe a dozen votes, under state law this calls for an immediate hand count of the ballots.

  4. I just wanted to add that while I voted for Star Trek, the movies have just been added to my surefire way to cure Mrs. El Santo’s insomnia.

    Tale of the Tape!

    #1: Wrath of Khan – This was surprising, since it’s the best of the movies. Maybe it’s because she was watching it after the second half of Undiscovered Country. However, the early part of the film, once we get past the ear worms, is Captain Kirk ruminating over old age. The score used for the movie is also soothing, even the Khan theme. So, Kirk’s gravelly voice + slow themes = a good nap.

    #2 The Motion Picture – This was my first pick, since once the Enterprise shows up, 20 years pass before Kirk steps in the ship. However, there was one thing I didn’t count on: Jerry Goldsmith’s kickin’ score, which was used for “The Next Generation”. (Fun fact: while Mrs. El Santo is unfamiliar with the Original Series, she’s a pretty big fan of Picard’s crew.) It sorta raises expectations that Kirk’s going to meet up with Picard when the doors open. Things don’t get sleepy until the 2001: A Space Odyssey warp sequence.

    #3: The Undiscovered Country – Surprisingly, the wife lasted half the movie awake, and the next day, she wanted to finish it up since she remembered most of the scenes. Key sequence for naptime: Law & Order: Chronos Vengeance Squad.

    Please double check my findings for a brighter, well rested, and Trek based tomorrow!

    • LOL! None of those movies put me to sleep, but I can see how “The Motion Picture” might. That film is in NO hurry to get anywhere whatsoever. They definitely have lots of “2001” style sequences, there’s no doubt about it. 😯

      • They didn’t put me to sleep either. I actually watched most of them in their entirety while Mrs. El Santo took a nap. With exception to The Motion Picture, of course. By the time Iliya gets zapped, I wanted to knock off into Slumberland. I admire its ambition, but dear God does it need an editor.

  5. I think this poll will be much, much closer in the future when J.J. Abrams movies will be the Star Trek (and perhaps Star Wars) reference points for most people under 40. His current version is so much closer in spirit to Lucas’ Star Wars than Rodenberry’s Star Trek that the two could easily exist in the same universe.

    • There’s no doubt that Abrams’ Treks are leaning more towards the action. Its drawing in a new audience (though slightly annoying the old school fans 😦 ) We’ll see what happens too when he actually takes over Star Wars, then the two would REALLY be similar! 😯

    • It was REALLY close! I was half afraid it would wind up a landslide, myself (before posting it). But apparently these two sides are much more even than we thought previously! 😯

  6. It would hilarious is Abrams made Star Wars a quieter, more sophisticated franchise that explored the nature of humanity, the bonds of friendship and loyalty, and the responsibility of people to give back a legacy and toned down some of the crazy space opera.

  7. Star Trek references the works of Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, D.H. Lawrence, and other literary icons. Meanwhile, Star Wars has poop and fart jokes. I suppose that explains how Star Wars won this poll.

  8. KHAAAAANNNNNN!!! lol had to do it 🙂
    At least this keeps up my streak of always voting for the losing side. As if that was something to be proud of… (but I am, strangely)
    But yeah, I’m definitely a trekkie now. I don’t really think I can say I’m a trekkie all the way yet, but I’m getting into the original series and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Trek all the way! (for me, anyway)

    • Ah, one of these days you’ll wind up on the right side of things… its the law of probability! LOL

      The Trek franchise is filled with some really great stuff. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. The original series is definitely a highlight. TNG is too, but that show needs a few seasons to hit its stride… 😉

  9. Yeah that’s about how I figured it. This poll is more proof showing, just how incredibly overrated “Star Wars” is. Good to know that public opinion will eventually turn however. :-l

      • For the 😐 emoticon, it’s : and | together.

        Meanwhile, I dont think Star Wars is overrated at all. People pretty much have the original trilogy pegged as being one of the best things ever, which is correct, and the prequels as being god awful. Also correct.

        Public opinion has definitely seen the gap closing between the two properties though. 😉

      • Well, of course, I’m being facetious here a bit, but no, I wouldn’t call the “Star Wars” trilogy as one of the best things ever. Even still, at certain times, it’s more beneficial to play the role of victor, particularly if you’ve been defeated.

        Which reminds me, i gotta call the NFL Office, about why they cheated my Eagles out of those 12 extra wins they should’ve had last year!

        (Granted, sometimes, that can go overboard.)


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