Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the most annoying Movie Character?

ws_Jar_Jar_Binks_1280x800Everyone has had this experience. You’re enjoying a movie, but there’s that one character that drives you nuts. Even in movies you don’t like that much there can be characters that annoy more than others! Whatever kind of experience you’re having with the film, that one character just gets under your skin!

When a character is widely reviled such as Jar JarΒ Binks and “Jill” from “Jack and Jill”, they often take on a life of their own beyond the film, with pop culture carrying the spite for them personally long after the movie fades.

Which character will you pick? Who annoys you?

Can we get some loveΒ hate for Mutt from “Crystal Skull”? Will anyone bring up Stiffler? How about someone from a classic movie, such as Mickey Rooney’s Mr Yunioshi from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Maybe something current like “The Hangover”‘s Chow or Alan? Does anyone remember Sofia Coppola’s Mary Corleone?

These are the characters you just want to punch. Who will you choose? Which characters drive you crazy?

Let’s hear it! Who are YOUR most annoying Movie Characters?

Daniel Fogarty


174 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the most annoying Movie Character?

  1. Hi, Fogs:

    Jar Jar Binks near single handedly destroyed the later ‘Star Wars’ franchise.
    “Short Round” should have been sacrificed or flogged in “Temple of Doom”.
    With Kate Capshaw a very close second. She just makes my teeth itch!
    William Atherton in either ‘Real Genius’ or ‘Die Hard’.
    Ericka Eleniak’s Jordan Tate in ‘Under Siege’.
    John C. McGinley’s whiny, suck up “lifer” Sgt. O’Neill in ‘Platoon’.

    Great catches on Sofia Coppola and Wayne Knight!

    • Jack, Jack, Jack. Erika Eleniak in Under Seige? We should all be so lucky as to get a cake like that!! 😯

      I actually LIKE Short Round, but I’ll give you Mrs Spielberg πŸ™„

      I think Atherton and McGinley were born to play annoying jerks, I’ve rarely seen them play anything else! LOL

  2. Reading more comments, can we just cut the crap and say Shai LeBouf is the most annoying character in film? I mean, does he have a decent roll that doesn’t make anyone want to punch him in the throat?

    • LOL. I hated him in “Money Never Sleeps” too. I think the only role I’ve ever seen him in that I didn’t actively, totally hate him in was Lawless, LOL πŸ˜€

      Good point, Chris. πŸ˜€

      • Hi, Fogs and Trevor:

        To his credit, Shia was tolerable in ‘The Battle of Shaker Heights’, but that was before his got noticed. He was also good in ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’. The first non-short film directed by Bill Paxton. A decent enough period piece full of golf and British Empire arrogance.

      • Fogs,

        So, you think Shia LaBeouf is bad in Money Never Sleeps, but that Craig Robinson is a talented actor? LOL. Come on, man! You can’t seriously think Craig Robinson is a more talented actor than Shia LaBeouf! lol.

        If you personally hate Shia LaBeouf that’s fair, but please don’t say that he’s not a MUCH better actor than Craig Robinson b/c that would be factually inaccurate. If you lined up Shia LaBeouf and Craig Robinson in an acting class and gave them instructions Shia would dominate him every single exercise assigned. Love him, or hate him Shia LaBeouf does have acting ability – where as Craig Robinson has very little and does the exact same thing in every role he plays. And he’s not even good in the one role he plays! LOL.

      • Jack,

        Shia LaBeouf has been good in pretty much everything he’s been in. Not all of his movies are good, but he always puts effort into every one of his performances.

      • Fogs, I understand you’re not a Shia fan and that’s perfectly fine; but I just want to hear you answer a simple question:

        Who is a more talented actor: Shia LaBeouf or Craig Robinson?

      • Neither is what I would consider a “talented actor”. Robinson is talented in terms of being funny, and being able to play a couple of different instruments on a basic level. He makes me laugh.

        They’re both essentially the same in every role I see them in, like many “stars” are. There are few actors that can really trascend their personality and become people different than who they are.

        Thus, it boils down to I like Robinson, I do not like LaBeouf.

        That’s all I’m going to say on it Gary, this and the Se7en conversation don’t seem to be fading naturally, so I’ll help them by saying I consider both to have run their course… ya follow?

      • I asked you before if you liked to debate and you said you did, but apparently not (which is fine, too); I was just waiting for you to tell me in actual detail WHY “Seven” was good. Anyone can make a statement. Not everyone can back a statement.

        I had not seen “The Wizard of Oz” and came across a fellow-blogger who loved the film; I told them I didn’t want to see it and I listed all the reasons why; they countered back with a list of reasons they liked it and why they think I should watch it and give it a try. So, after hearing her side I went ahead and watched it, and thought it was pretty good. Instead of simply making a statement, she backed her statement – and it resulted in me giving the movie a chance – which is what I always thought the point of blogging was – to share opinions and listen to what others have to say.

        Yes, I “follow ya”. You’re going to block me if I continue to put-down the movies and actors you like – even though you have no problem insulting movies and actors that you dislike. So I guess on your blog it’s your voice and your rules meaning that if someone makes a valid counter against something you’ve said that you’re simply going to discard them.

        I think that’s hypocritical.

        But no worries, I won’t pollute your blog anymore. We wouldn’t want to talk about movies that didn’t get a theatrical release!

      • *sigh*

        Gary, if you go, that’s fine. At this point, you’re certainly not endearing yourself to anyone.

        But in my own defense, I do love to discuss. Obviously. And, I’d argue its evident that people love to discuss movies with me as well, I’ve literally built an award winning community here. It didnt get that way because I dont like to discuss and debate.

        You’re clearly not seeing the fact that that doesn’t extend to hour long debates trading 200 + word comments on who’s better, Shia LaBouef or Craig Robinson. πŸ™„ Or trying to convince someone who has the ridiculous view point that “Se7en” “sucks” that it doesn’t, aside from pointing to verifiable measurements of how well liked it is and providing a link to my own analysis of the film. Again, it’s here

        You’re simply asking a LOT of me in terms of reading and writing, all in regards to two relatively outlandish viewpoints, both expressed more forcefully than I care for.

        LaBouef is NOT well regarded as an actor, I’m sorry that’s the way it is, I agree with it. Go form a fan club. I’m also sorry you have some kind of bug up your ass with Craig Robinson, I wouldnt have called him talented if I had known this was to come. And finally, I dont care if you think Se7en sucks. It doesn’t and I know better, thankfully. I’ve done more than my share to defend it and it this point, I dont care where your opinion lands. I have other blogging related duties to attend to aside from placating you.

        So again, if you go, that’s fine, but if not, why don’t you consider chilling out? Ok?

      • What I find far more hypocritical is requiring someone to state facts to support their appreciation for something while at the same time presenting your opinion as fact to support your dislike of it. To my mind a blogs purpose is to share ones viewpoints, thoughts, and yes opinions with others. Debate is only secondary. Also, a debate is FACTS being presented from opposing viewpoints. A viewpoint of fact can influence opinion, and vice-versa, but opinions are not facts in and of themselves.

        P.S. The box was more in keeping with the drama of the moment, those that were surprised by it simply were given an additional level on which to ponder.

        Apologies, Fogs. This is all I will say on the subject.

      • I’m getting the feeling that I might have started something here, didn’t I?

        Well, to round up a few extra thoughts on this, Craig Robinson is a good actor, as is Shia Lebouef, and no, he’s not playing the same role in every film. In fact, I’m always impressed with some of the choices he makes as an actor. The line readings in “Disturbia” I thought were incredible; I know I wouldn’t have read them that way. Fogs, have you ever done some acting, or trained a bit, ’cause I have, so I know a little of what they’re doing, and Shia’ LeBouef’s work is quite impressive, in everything he does. He’ll make a bad movie occasionally, but that doesn’t make him a bad actor, not at all in his case.

        As to “Se7en”, I stand by my statements. I’ve gone through that movie, frame-by-frame, twice, in two different films classes, on top of watching it myself on multiple times. Until “Zodiac” came out, I could never figure out why it was so highly regarded at all, and thought I was missing something, but then I realized that I wasn’t, it’s just not there. The story is secondary, to the visual look of the film, which is intentionally deceptive, the two characters are too dumb for their job,- the movie has some major problems with it. And Gary’s right, you haven’t really explained why our thoughts on it our wrong, compared to your, or why exactly “Se7en” is good despite them, even when compared to similar films.

        Yes, I read your piece on it, and first thing is you’re wrong, they don’t connect the dots, he turns himself in. They fail as detective, that part is crucial. Plus, you’ve done a lot of describing of the film. The mood, the setting, the way the gluttonous actor had to lie in whatever for how long, the look of the murder scenes, and this is exactly my point with “Se7en”, it is nothing but looks. All you’ve really done is describe the movie, you haven’t exactly described why it’s good, or why it’s bad. (I would limit “Movie’s That Everyone Should See” to only good movies, many bad ones should be seen as well, and on that note, I think it’s at least arguable whether “Se7en”, belongs in that category.) Not that you need to there, I don’t always do that myself, but what exactly makes it so much more essential or better than other films of this nature, like “The Silence of the Lambs” for instance, or other such critical serial killer detective dramas? Other than “It looks amazing”, I’ve never heard a really good argument for it, with the exception of Roger Ebert’s Great Movie review of it.

  3. I’m always bad at remembering things like this, since I tend to do my best to forget them, lol. I doubt he’s the most annoying character, but the most recent example that sprang to mind was, as you mentioned yourself, Chow and Alan from the Hangover movies. I just don’t understand the comedic appeal at all to these “characters”. They’re miserable.

    • I thought Chow was funny in the first movie, but that was an extremely small role.

      Alan was funny though. Again, not so much in this movie, but in the first one I thought he was really funny. Kind of offbeat and strange, he made the flick I thought!

  4. Jack Reacher. In every possible way, I loathed him. I don’t know if Tom Cruise meant to portray the character as arrogant, but it sure did come across that way. His ‘smooth operator’ shtick had absolutely no weight to it, and Reacher walked into the film as if he was the answer to everyone’s prayers.

    Self-possessed in a douchebag kind of way. First time i’ve ever wanted the good guy to be nobbled off by the villain.

  5. You know, it’s probably heretical to say, but I don’t find some of the main offenders (all listed here) all that annoying. Jar Jar Binks is public enemy number one, right? But I’d already grown to accept that kind of character would exist where tiny people with glowing eyes yell “Yutini!” all the time and robots make cute boopity-bleep noises. He didn’t bug me when he showed up in the theaters, still doesn’t bug me now.

    I actually like Mutt and didn’t find him as annoying as some other Indy sidekicks… like, say, Short Round and Willie Scott?!?!?! But even then, they were tolerable, if shrill.

    I’m even OK with the existence of Skids and Mudflap. Hey, they make me cringe, expecially since I’m a grown man who still collects Transformers, but I always took that as a Michael Bay in joke directed at people who didn’t like Jazz from the first move. That said, it’s Michael Bay, one of the few guys in Hollywood to do a buddy cop film where both the leads are African American, so I am willing to give him a pass.

    Do you want to know the characters in movies who I find the most annoying?


    It’s the rock stupid Bond Girls.

    And leading the charge are Mary Goodnight, Christmas Jones, and Tiffany Case. It totally, TOTALLY takes me out of the movie when the Bond girl is so, so dumb. Because I keep asking myself, “Why is Bond hanging around with these women again?” I mean, sexytimes, obviously… but it’s always clear that ANY woman on the planet will fall to Bond’s charms. Why hang around with one who’s being ACTIVELY detrimental to him finishing his mission? Rather than being titillating, like the directors intended, I always end up feeling horribly embarrassed.

    • Ugh. You LIKE MUTT? I feel like there’s a union card you should turn in or something. πŸ˜‰

      I have to admit, the Bond girls can be dumb as stumps sometimes. The franchise has never hesitated to fill roles with models and not actresses, so yeah, they often come across horribly.

      But, in my love of all things Bond, I get a chuckle out of them. I tend to enjoy Bond movies warts and all. πŸ˜‰

      • Like I said, Fogs, he’s hardly the most annoying sidekick in the Indy movies. I thought he served well thematically, too. Indiana Jones had abandonment issues with his own father in The Last Crusade, and now he’s dealing with the other side

      • Of the coin. (Ugh… Stupid cellphone. Causing me to post too early.) Anyway, as far as “newly discovered sons” go, Mutt was leagues less annoying than, say, David Marcus.

  6. There are so many actresses and actors that grate me but as a character the first one that springs to mind is Burke (Paul Reiser) from Aliens. I know that the whole point of his character but I could still wring his little scrawny neck. πŸ˜‰

    • Heh. Doesnt everyone? I just had a horrifying vision of a cross between the two. Shia with Jar Jar ears running around a transformers battle, pointlessly yelling “OPTIMEESA!!” Heh πŸ˜€

  7. My mind seems to have erased itself from annoying characters..I know there has to be more but right now…Bella makes me want to punch her in the face and you know who I want to punch EVEN MORE? Her vampire boyfriend there by Robert Pattinson…he’s so bad I erased his movie character name from my memory…Ughhh!!!
    I will go back to thinking about yesterday’s awesomeness with Fast & Furious 6 to erase these bad memories now…;)

  8. Paul Dano… oh, wait, you were looking for characters, right? I’ll have to revise that to… Awww $#!+, Paul Dano, since it’s always the same whiney “character” regardless of the setting. What stings most is that there are at least a couple of things he’s in that I really enjoy otherwise (“Looper” & “Cowboys & Aliens” for example).

    That said, there are some great choices already listed here. It’s a close race to be sure, but PD squeeks his way to the top of my list.

    • LOL. Tanski hates that guy too. Personally he barely even registers for me outside of “There Will Be Blood” and there, he’s fine. Cause Paul Anderson doesn’t make mistakes. LOL πŸ˜‰

  9. Jar Jar immediately came to mind. It’s hard to think of just the character specifically since it’s usually the actor portraying them that I’m annoyed with. Mavis in Young Adult is one. You’d think she’d be nicer after she has her epiphany towards the end of the film, but she’s still a complete bitch and I didn’t feel sorry for her at all.

    • I know, right? Literally I left that movie wondering what the point was. If the character isn’t going to learn anything, what did we just watch? A woman that’s a total bitch being a spaz an entire movie and then having some pity sex with someone? Charlize was awesome in that movie, but it made no sense. 😦

  10. Well, Jar Jar and Mutt really annoy me, but they’re obvious choices. Also, pretty much any Adam Sandler character (with the exception of Barry from Punch-Drunk Love) irritates me.

  11. Liam Neeson’s daughter in ‘Taken.’ Seriously, what sort of 17 year old gets a horse for her birthday? And then at the end of the ordeal, she isn’t exactly upset that her friend died! No she’s all like: “She was a slut ho who got what was coming to her!”…sort of. Plus, she runs like she’s huffing aerosol cans.

    • LOL. Did you see Taken 2? She’s obviously mid twenties, and she still can’t drive. She doesn’t even recall the events of the previous film, she’s just like, “Let’s go surprise Daddy in Islamabad!” (or wherever the hell that stinkbomb was set πŸ™„ )

  12. I haven’t seen anyone mention this one yet, so I’m hoping I don’t get crushed. I say Gimli from LOTR. Other than representing all dwarves, why exactly is he in this fellowship? Skill with an ax? Really? He just swung it around, no cool tricks or anything. Seems to always need his skin saved but talks a big game. I dunno, just annoying. By Twin Towers everytime he spoke I was just thinking “okay buddy, pipe down”. I’m probably alone on that, LOL.

    • I think a lot of people are probably with you. I’m not, particularly, though I do recognize the acting technique that Orlendo Bloom is using is called “Smell the Fart Acting” LOL

  13. Poor Shia…and Chow. Wow, Shia Chow sounds like the next award winning pop singer. Hm.
    For me, it’s not a particular person, it’s just the female superhero in general. Important clarification – the female superhero AS Hollywood portrays her. Not women being badass, hey, I want that like crazy.
    But what drives me nuts is when women wear high heels in the middle of fighting and ok, that’s not supposed to interfere with flexibility or actual motion? Every time I watch the Avengers, I get distracted by how Black Widow can barely run in that last NYC battle because she’s wearing 4 inch heels! Seriously? If I was here I’d get that cray cray suit off and run around in yoga pants. Much easier to defend one’s life that way.
    Anyway, there’s my rant on female characters being forced to accommodate fashion (er, fanboys) AND supposedly legitimate government training…or something like that. I probably just joined the ranks of annoying real life characters…*sigh* πŸ˜€

  14. Eh, before I answer this one, what is with the Shia Lebeouf hate? I don’t get it at all; even in bad movies, I think he’s amazing, and he’s been in stuff like “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints,” and “Disturbia”, I liked quite a better film than it should’ve been because of him. “…Money Never Sleeps,” eh, a piece of crap like “Eagle Eye,”, I can’t imagine anybody doing better than he did in that film. He’s one of the best young actors around, and I’ve heard-eh,- well, I’m not gonna disclose names here, but I know a few of actors, who’ve worked with him, and who have the same opinion that I do, with a caveat that-eh, he has some personal demons, that hold him down, and that’s all I’ll say on that, but I am confused by all the negativity towards him.

    Anyway, annoying characters. Um, well first off, I’m gonna through any bad films altogether. There’s a bunch of annoying characters in a bunch of those stupid comedies, and other intentionally-annoying characters, let’s get rid of them, a couple come to mind. The first one is the Paul Gleason character in “Die Hard”. We got into this a bit, before,which is the better “Die Hard,” but his character, has no other purpose, than to just be as stupid as possible, and it slows down the movie, he makes every wrong decision possible given the information he’s given. There’s no point to that character being in the movie, it could’ve been done without him, completely, had the same exact results and things happen, so he annoys me, every time, and he’s part of the reason why “Die Hard 2” is better.

    However, when I really think of annoying characters, main characters especially, the two detective in “Se7en”, I’ve gone on this diatribe elsewhere, but they’re idiots. Both Brad Pitt, and Morgan Freeman, don’t be confused because it’s Morgan Freeman, these are two of the most incompetent main characters in all of film, and I’ve sat through it about half a dozen times, frame-by-frame even twice, in classes, I’m convinced “Se7en”, is a piece of crap. I don’t understand the acclaim of this film. It begins like it’s a film noir, and there’s searching for a serial killer, but they don’t do that. They don’t investigate at all, or well, the Brad Pitt is so stupid I can’t believe he’s a detective, and the movie is nothing but these two, going from crime to crime scene, until the bad guy, turns himself in! It’s annoying to no end, because the movie isn’t about solving a crime, or catching a guy, it’s about David Fincher, giving us his interpretation of the seven deadly sins, and nothing else, the characters and story, is just a device to show his interpretations, and here’s how I know I’m right about this. Fincher later made “Zodiac”, which has the exact same plot/story as “Se7en”, it’s about detectives who are using different methods to try and find a serial killer, and they fail at it. Yet, “Zodiac” is a masterpiece, cause it was about the crime, and the continuous struggle of solving it, and nobody other than me calls this out, I don’t know why. But those are my annoying pet peeve characters, Paul Gleason in “Die Hard”, and both Pitt and Freeman in “Se7en”.

      • Absolutely! Explain to me what’s wrong with Shia Labouef, other than the fact that I have to keep looking how to spell his name, (Which I’m not doing here). I don’t see what you’re talking about at all with Shia LaBouef, I think he’s a great actor, I don’t know where the hatred of him comes from, he can play anything as far as I’m concerned.

        And yes, imdb, and you, are wrong on “Se7en”. I’ll concede that Spacey is a good and memorable villain, but other than that, the characters are annoyingly stupid, for the work they do, they don’t do any actual detective that leads anywhere, except to hurry to one great piece of set design to the other, the voice over ending at the end, makes no sense, it shouldn’t be there. I’m convinced Fincher, remember this is young FIncher, he’s still thinking he can really be artistic, outside of the visual, which he can’t, but he was young, he decided that he wanted to do the Seven Deadly Sins, and someone told him, you need a plot and story, and he argued for a bit and then relented, by throwing in the outlines of a film noir/serial killer film. Fincher’s a great director, so it seems better than it is, but when you watch, and watch it closely, nothing happens. It seems like they’re doing investigating, going to the library, the thing on the wall with the crime scene, but they’re not, they don’t lead anywhere, they don’t go anywhere, we don’t learn anything, until we’re told it all at the end. It’s the impression that they’re doing work, but neither one of them, is actually doing any, and that’s why they’re so annoying, they’re stupid, at least Pitt act likes he is, Sommerset’s worse, he thinks he’s not but he is. The whole movie annoys me, especially when you compare it to “Zodiac”, it doesn’t work, and I think Fincher knows it too, ’cause basically, he’s just filmed whatever’s in front of him. Whether it’s a great film like “The Social Network” or “Zodiac”, or a bad one like “… Benjamin Button”, of “Fight Club”, he’s realized he can’t really trust himself to tell a story, so now he just figures out the directing, and that’s fine, he’s great at that. “Se7en”, is where that completely failed.

        Seriously, watch “Se7en” and “Zodiac” back-to-back one day, and it’ll be clearer. They’re the exact same movie, one’s done amazingly well, the other’s done poorly.

    • “Seven” is overrated as hell and it sucked! It was so predictable; it tried so hard to be clever, but failed. When Kevin Spacey kept talking and talking in the backseat was just overkill and gave everything away. How anyone couldn’t figure out what was in the box is beyond me. Wow, that ending was about as surprising as “Follow That Bird”.

      • The “What’s-in-the-box”, was a little, “who cares,” for me, instead of “what was in it?” but my issue with the ending, is the voice over at the end. There’s no voice over, at all through the rest of the movie, but they add that voice over at the end, for no reason, it adds nothing to the film, you no idea what he means by it, and you’re wondering, “What-the-f*** was that about?” (There was an alternate ending shot, and I’ve seen that ending too, I don’t think either one would’ve worked, but still….) I don’t know, If I’d call the movie predictable, I mean, it did act like a detective film noir story, and then turned out not to be just a serial killer film, so I wouldn’t call it, completely predictable, but it was stupid and ridiculous.

        And I do like Spacey in it. I’m okay with him talking, and anything else he wants to do normally. Imagine if it wasn’t him in the movie, and it wasn’t such a great actor giving a legitimately creepy serial killer performance, how bad it could’ve really been? Spacey saved “Se7en”, from being a lot worse that it was. So, for that, I at least give it credit.

      • I usually try, when I’m talking about a movie that’s highly regarded that I didnt connect with, to avoid impericals like that Gary.

        “Se7En” IS very clever. It’s extremely clever. It did not fail. You didn’t connect with it for whatever reason. It’s been WIDELY embraced by movie fans as being awesome… I’m certain that you must know by now you hold a minority opinion here. I tossed out the IMDb stat earlier… so here’s a new one. Users of Flickchart have it ranked 34th overall. It is not overrated and it did not suck.

        The end wasn’t supposed to be a twist or anything Gary, aside from the revelation of John Doe’s final two “Sin killings”. It’s not the sixth sense. Yes, you know within a second or two what’s in the box, it doesnt make it any less horrifying.

      • I could tell where it was going as soon as Gweneth Paltrow told Morgan Freeman she was pregnant; and I was a kid when I watched it and I still knew what was about to happen. It was very predictable.

        And I don’t care about lists. Who do you think is voting on those lists? Mostly viewers who primarily watch mainstream movies and aren’t familiar with many of the independent films like “Take Shelter” or great foreign films like “Tsotsi” that gets little to no recognition.

        On the IMDB top 250 “Seven” is ranked ahead of:

        Braveheart – Psycho – The Shining – The Pianist – The Departed – Taxi Driver – A Clockwork Orange – The Green Mile – Scarface – No Country For Old Men – Jaws – The Wizard of Oz – Gone With The Wind – Dog Day Afternoon – Rocky – The Exorcist – Jurassic Park – Rosemary’s Baby – Nosferatu

        LOL – yeah I’m putting a lot of stock on that fan-based “Seven” rating that ranks Seven ahead of all the titles I just listed.

        “Seven” just happens to be very popular; but it wasn’t a well-done movie. I remember rolling my eyes at Brad Pitt’s overacting at the end when he was yelling at Kevin Spacey; and Kevin Spacey sounded more feminine than scary. And the writers put so much emphasis on that damn box and the head being in there and we already KNEW what was in the box, but they played it out as if it WAS in-fact some huge surprise.

  15. Let’s see, there’s Jar-Jar Binks, Chow and Alan from “The Hangover” films, any screaming character from a Michael Bay film, and those lame cameos from M. Night Shaymalan in his own films.

    • HA! How about Tarantino, this last one in Django Unchained was freaking AWFUL, 9er. LOL His Australian accent? Oooouhhff… πŸ˜€

      Dont all characters in Michael Bay films scream? Or is it just me? πŸ˜€

  16. Wow, given the chance, pissy attitude rears it ugly head and starts spitting at a lot of scared cows. Henry Higgins? Fogs if you skip My Fair Lady because of that earlier post you are not the man I believed you to be. Scarlett O’Hara? She is definitely annoying, but in a hot southern belle style and that’s what makes us want to see what happens. Frankly My Dear, I don’t give a damn means nothing if you loved her from the beginning. The two detectives from Se7en? I don’t care for the movie but I seem to remember their actually doing some detecting, the fact that the killer is ahead of them constantly is all about the killer not them. Jessie from Toy Story 2, she is the heart of that movie and if you hate on her, you must be missing a heart. Gimli? yeah, he represents the dwarfs, did you not see the movie? Hudson? are you kidding, he had every great line in Aliens except the Ripley retort to the Alien Queen. Newt? STFU, there is no reason for Ripley to be there if there is not an emotional pull. Sorry you noticed the writing, maybe you should have opened your eyes when they pull her out of deep sleep seventy years later and then find Aliens. You didn’t see that? Deputy Chief Dwayne has the best line in Die Hard, “I guess we’re gonna need some more FBI guys. Every action movie has a hard on idiot boss, Gleeson’s character at least is funny and not just screaming. Jack Reacher? Hell I know how he feels about you so go for it. John and Sarah Conner? Let’s just have Arnold show up and shoot shit for no reason.What is with all of you today. Usually the level of discourse is so much more elevated than this.

    OK, most annoying character easy, Ron Burgundy.

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