Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR favorite “Dystopian Future”?

12 monkeysMany films take a bleak look ahead at the eventual destination of society. The so-called “Dystopian future” often features miserable living conditions, repressive governments, or post-apocalyptic worlds.

The opposite of Utopia, Dystopia is a hell on earth. It’s a common setting for sci-fi films. “Blade Runner”, “12 Monkeys”, “Children of Men”… there’s no shortage of films that envision a world we would NOT want to live in.

What’s your favorite? Or least favorite, for that matter, since it’s a negative? “Dark City”? The Mad Max series? The Terminator films? Here’s a list of some for those in need of suggestions.

Whatever it is about a bleak future full of despair, Hollywood is at no shortage of films about it. Which ones are YOUR favorites?


165 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR favorite “Dystopian Future”?

  1. Soylent Green from my Youth,
    Blade Runner from adulthood,
    The Hunger Games from Now.

    Each has their own dirty little secrets, and the vast majority of the population lives in miserable ignorance.

  2. “Twilight” is the apocalypse of my brain. “Eclipse,” and the last few films are the DEPRESSING aftermath. So…I guess the entire saga counts?? Heh. I hate them so much! Lol.

    (Sorry to chime in so inappropriately much, Fogarty. You know I’m a passionate hater of Snortface and Dracula Sparks, that I had to do it each time I comment on your posts. As for my real choice, it has to be either “Blade-freaking-Runner” or “Total Recall”–the Arnold original.)

  3. I really want to go with 1984, but I’ve only read the book! AH!
    I guess I’ll go with Planet of the Apes, mainly because of the ending. Chuck Heston has no faith in humanity anymore 🙂
    Also have to mention WALL-E and The Hunger Games. Love both of those as well.

  4. Huh, this is surprisingly a tough question, because I’m probably taking it to literally. “Children Of Men” and “Planet Of The Apes” are probably my favorite dystopian movies, but I don’t know if they are my favorite dystopias.

    My favorite may be “RoboCop”, since it’s essentially our earth only with more cyborgs. Or maybe “Sin City”, which is our earth only with more whores.

  5. Off the top of my head, I liked 12 Monkeys, (even if I saw it on a very bad day and was upset about it), Battle Royal, LOVE Bladerunner and I keep promising myself I’ll get to reading the book it was based on, The Handmaidens Tale was pretty good. And I actually rather enjoyed the made for t.v. version of Brave New World with Leonard Nimoy in it. I will always like Metropolis.

    There are others, but they are more fun than good. Battle Royal may belong in that catagory as well.

    • Battle Royale didn’t paint much of a world though, just that one game show 😦

      I’m a huge Blade Runner fan too. “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” is very different though. Been a long time since Ive read it, but that’s my recollection…

  6. It may be a predictable choice, but it has to be The Terminator. Genuinely frightening future because to me, it seems almost plausible. Mankind getting a bit too cocky with technology and it backfiring on a catastrophic scale. Plus, it’s the kind of enemy you truly can’t imagine really being able to defeat, and surviving for as long as you can is the best you can hope for. Bleak :/

    • Yeah, no kidding. I definitely wouldn’t want to fight an army of robots! It’s one of the truly scary potential possible futures out there for us… everytime I hear about an advancement in AI, I’m like “ARE YOU CRAZY!! STOP!!” LOL

  7. How about hedging and going with a dystopian utopia? That’s right, I’m talking about “Demolition Man!” Stallone and Snipes. Pure 90s cheese. Just imagine if all restaurants really were Taco Bell. *barf*

    • That IS a hellish thought. LOL. That may actually be the scariest freaking concept out of any of these movies! 😯 Eesh!

      There were a lot of dystopian things about that Utopia. Nice call Brik!

  8. Wow, this is a hard one… Soylent Green is probably my favourite, but I love Westworld, Escape from New York, Things to Come, Silent Running and as mentioned here, Children of Men. Ah, Westworld is so damn cool!

    • I haven’t seen “Silent Running”, but its on my Readers Recommendations list, so its coming soon. Escape from New York is a good one, surprised it hasn’t been mentioned yet. That’s some fun stuff!

  9. Either a setting like Minority Report with a centralized techno future with people trying to work around the system or where little central authority remains like the Postman where characters make up their own place in a tenuous techno-less system.

    • TK would be freaky. Especially if you had a lot of it, like the kid. Then you’d be a scary monster. But that could be cool of course, too. You could rule the gang world with an iron fist, like he did! 😉

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