This Is the End

This is the end

“This Is the End” is a riotously funny movie about six comedic stars trapped in one mansion as the Apocalypse unfolds around them. The personalities are funny, the situation is funny, everything is funny.

The first great comedy of 2013.

When Jay Baruchel (all stars play themselves) flies into LA to stay with Seth Rogen, he’s disappointed to learn that Seth wants them to go to a party at James Franco’s house. Baruchel doesn’t feel like part of the gang, and isn’t fond of Hollywood parties. Nevertheless, they go, and indeed, find a who’s who of young Hollywood in attendance. Michael Cera, Aziz Ansari, Kevin Hart, Jason Segel, Rihanna, Paul Rudd, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mindy Kaling and many others are in attendance. As expected, Jay doesn’t fit in well.

On a run for cigarettes, Rogen and Baruchel experience an earthquake, followed by blue beams of light that suck people into the sky. Running for safety back to Franco’s, they watch as several of the party guests fall to their deaths in a giant sinkhole that has opened in the front lawn. A handful of the stars retreat back into the house for safety as fires begin to rage throughout the area. Rogen and Baruchel are joined by Jonah Hill, James Franco and Craig Robinson as the sole survivors. They quickly realize they’ll have to survive a shortage of food and water… and Danny McBride.

Are the events that are occurring truly the Apocalypse? If so, what hope do the stars have for survival?

I can’t even start to explain how funny this movie is. Every single thing about it worked for me, and I left the theatre cracking up. This film is destined for comedy classic status, or at the very least cult classic status.

The primary source of comedy here is the willingness of these stars to pillory their own personas for the sake of humor. They universally come across as afraid, a bit dim, and a bit diva. The conflicts between them are hysterical. Arguments break out over the smallest things, occasionally followed by over-apologetic makeup conversations. They fight over food, water and pornography, then play by making a home-made sequel to “The Pineapple Express”. Together, they’re crass and juvenile, busting on each other and outright fighting in a foul-mouthed, funny fashion.

Watching them banter and bitch amongst each other is funny, of course, but the high concept allows for great comedic situations that I won’t spoil here. All the while these six goof around in the safety of Franco’s Hollywood home, the mysterious events outside their door are intensifying. I’ll just add that there are numerous, over the top scenes that go way beyond the level of an axe wielding Emma Watson robbing them of their water and them drinking their own urine (both of which were shown in trailers). It culminates in a finale so funny that I think I have to temper myself… not that I haven’t already showered enough hyperbole on this movie, but I may go overboard talking about the last 20 minutes.

“This Is the End” was a fantastic comedy that had me laughing from beginning to end and made me want to see it again immediately. I can’t imagine it not making my ten best list for this year. If somehow it falls off, 2013 will have been a great, great year for movies.


Daniel Fogarty


54 thoughts on “This Is the End

  1. Agreed. You really can’t put this one into words, which is why I didn’t review it. It’s just too damn funny and an absolute blast. The comedy of the year so far and I can’t image there being one better. It’s apocalyptic brilliance. The cameo towards the end btw … OMG. Amazing.

    • LOL! I know, no kidding, right? I had thought all the other guys had been pretty self deprecating, but that cameo just took things to a whole new level! It was a fantastic comedy Ryan, glad to hear you agree!! 😀

  2. It never takes itself too seriously, and for that all, I loved the hell out of it. Well that, and it’s also hilarious. Good review bud.

  3. Spot on. You managed to find the words I couldn’t. I had to throw this one in a Grab Bag, because basically all I could think to say was “Holy hell that was funny.”

    Question: I’m seeing a lot of people say “Except for the slower second act… blah blah”. Where was I for the slow second act? Did you find it slow at any point? Personally, I spent the whole time thinking, “Oh man, I hope this isn’t close to over. I’m having way to much fun.”

    • Those words you were searching for were hiding underneath the kitchen table 😉

      I didn’t see any slow parts whatsoever. If we were to divide this into three traditional acts, the break points would have to be Act 1: Normalcy-the beginning of the event/sinkhole, etc. Act 2: Taking shelter in Franco’s house Act 3: Leaving the safety of Franco’s house to search for food next door – the end. Basically calling the second act slow would be like calling the whole movie slow! LOL 😯

      Let’s stick with “Holy hell that was funny.”

      • I wanna say, maybe Ted was close to this funny…..but I’m not sure. This was damn amazing. What a bounce back for Rogen as a writer after the disastrous The Watch, too . . ! Good review Fogs!

      • Thanks Tom, appreciate that. 😉

        Personally, for me, this was way funnier than Ted. Ted had its moments, but then got kind of goofily serious. Took it down a notch for me.

        This meanwhile, just kept getting better and better! It was funny all the way through, but the end was no doubt the best!! 😀 Glad to hear you dug it too!

  4. I cannot wait to see this. Finally we don’t have to bother with characters, back story, whatever, it’s just a bunch of hilarious (annoying) idiots facing the end of the world!!! Gahhhhh I can’t wait. 😀

  5. It’s a summer film that is funny now. I appreciate how funny it “is” but be careful about “comedy classic status”, these performers have a shelf life and ten years from now, a lot of people won’t get it. I however laughed a lot and I don’t even party.

    • Well, that can be said of every comedy and every comedian. I definitely think this movie has what it takes to appeal over time, though. I have no issues calling it like I see it here, this will be one of the funniest films of this decade, I don’t know how it wont be…

      • Only true if the movie is based on a comedian rather than a character. Animal House and Airplane are funny regardless of the actors (OK, Airplane depends a lot on playing against type). If all of these actors stay fresh for ten more years then the movie will play. If no one knows Michael Cera in ten or twenty years, how will the joke be as funny?

      • Could say the same thing about Kareem Abdul Jabbar being the co-pilot in Airplane! Or hell, any number of cultural references.

        There’s more than enough self contained comedy in the movie for it to survive and thrive into the future.

  6. Hi Fogs, I actually asked Ted to go to the screening as I couldn’t make it. Wow, you REALLY dug this one eh? I’m not really a big fan of the cast, and as far as apocalyptic comedies go, I’m more inclined to watch the Edgar Wright’s The World’s End as I like his previous two films 😀

    • It’s rude, crude and obnoxious. 😀 I couldn’t stop laughing.

      If you’re not a fan of these folks though, you might not get the same level of amusement out of it that I did though. 😦

      I’ll be checking out The World’s End, too!

  7. You know I’m not all that big on today’s comedies, but this one just plain looks funny. The trailers have gotten laughs out of me, so if the rest of the film lives up to that, I’m in. And considering you’re giving it an A++, I have to assume that it does. 😀

  8. Yup, this one was an awesome surprise. I had a blast with it — I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard in a theater! Not sure I agree about the ending being great (I *still* have that damn song stuck in my head), but yeah, this was a lot of fun.

  9. OMG!! I laughed so hard–TWICE!! Had to take my daughter right away to see it, too! There are too many jokes I had to share–and Michael Cera?? I am laughing just thinking about it…too much…too much awesome! 😉

    I am going to say it–I have not laughed this hard–from beginning to end–since the original Hangover–yup. I said it. 😀 I am trying to write my review now–and am thinking of just writing that and Go see it! LOL! But, I am sure I will find more words…


    • Heh. Good Luck!

      You know, that was something I tried to do, too, was to go back and think of the last time I laughed so much at a movie. “The Hangover” may have been it for me, too, Im not sure though. 😀

      “Too much awesome” is a good way to describe it. 🙂 Glad you liked it, Nedi!!

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  11. Such a good rating.. I saw The Matinee giving it much less but I’m glad for this. I have been waiting for this a long time now and I can’t wait to see it soon (hopefully). But hopefully it won’t disappoint me.

    • Who? Ryan? Bah, he’s a stiff 😉 LOL, just kidding. I haven’t seen his review, but I’ve seen plenty of others that rave about it too. In my book this is one of the best movies of 2013 so far. Easily! 😀

      Go check it out, it wont disappoint!

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