The Heat


A prim, stickler for the rules FBI agent is paired with a foul-mouthed renegade police detective in this odd-couple buddy cop movie.

Full of laughs and a touch of genuine sentiment, “The Heat” is easily destined to be one of the funniest movies of 2013.

FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is unpopular in her department due to her lack of social graces. She’s arrogant and ambitious and isn’t afraid to let everyone know it. With a promotion pending, her supervisor confronts her about her personality issues and assigns her temporarily to a drug case in Boston. If she does well on the case, the promotion is hers, in spite of her lack of popularity amongst her peers.

The issue, however, becomes the cop she’s assigned to work with in Boston. Detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) is a foul-mouthed, pushy, frightening individual with little regard for the rules. Mullins berates everyone in her path, using a hurricane of obscenities and an in your face, forceful manner. She’s at odds with her perps, her Captain, and her own family.

The two mix like oil and water. Ashburn ‘s professional sensibilities are completely upset. Mullins can’t tolerate her prissy, prim partner. The two spend time arguing over every aspect of how to proceed. Eventually the tables begin to turn and a bond develops, just in time to introduce Mullins’ crazy Bostonian family into the mix.

Will the two officers be able to get to the drug kingpin they’re assigned to take down? Or will they destroy each other beforehand?

Melissa McCarthy is completely let off the chain here. Her Mullins character curses like a sailor, and threatens physical violence on someone about every 15 seconds. She’s like a dog jumping and barking at people behind a chain link fence. Bullock is the perfect foil, trying to keep her dignity intact, yet causing just as much chaos with her icy propriety. Together they form a great comedic duo. It was a pleasure watching their relationship transform from adversarial to amiable. One scene stands out in particular, a night of drinking as they first become friends. It was outright hysterical watching the two of them get plastered and cause chaos in a Boston dive.

Most of the comedy derives from watching McCarthy eviscerate everyone around her, but director Paul Feig does work in his share of comedic situations as well, such as when the two try to interrogate a drug dealer by hanging him over a balcony, or when Bullock gets stabbed in the leg. The pacing is almost perfect, with a steady stream of humor combined with solid character development. By the end, I was left rooting for a sequel.

Anyone who finds Melissa McCarthy funny will be left in stitches by this film. She’s uproariously offensive, and Bullock plays the perfect foil. I hope that the get a chance to reprise these characters, I would happily attend a second movie!



36 thoughts on “The Heat

    • Well, I never thought that, so maybe we would wind up on entirely different pages… do you not like Melissa McCarthy? I think your enjoyment of the film will directly correlate to how much you like her…

      • Yeah I don’t have a firm opinion about her. We actually took a pass on seeing any new releases this week as they looked pretty unimpressive at first glance. However, perhaps we need to rethink that.

  1. Melissa McCarthy is interesting to me. I haven’t seen The Heat, but as an actress she seems like the type of person who would get typecast and overstay her welcome. But there’s something about her presence that makes me just want to see more of her.

    Ordinarily I would write off The Heat as a retread of her character from Bridesmaids but there’s something about her looking for Tom Wilson’s balls in the trailer that had me in stitches. Also it helps that her 1 or 2 scenes in This is 40 was probably my favorite part of the movie.

    • Ugh. This is 40 was terrible. LOL

      Anyways, she is different here than she was in Bridesmaids, but not too too much. They keep that bull in the china shop persona in high gear if you know what I mean. Its not totally the same character but definitely a touch of the same schtick…

  2. Personally, I can’t stand McCarthy. It’s a little like my hatred for Adam Sandler – and it’s a hatred I have no interest in overcoming.

    I’m prolly gonna skip this one – unless it’s a slow week for rentals down the track.

    • If you can’t stand McCarthy, I don’t advise this movie. It’s VERY McCarthy. Personally, I think she’s a riot, but there’s no denying she’s very “in your face” and this movie is no exception.

  3. Hi, Fogs:

    A surprisingly good review!

    I remember Melissa McCarhy having excellent and dry comedic timing way back in her Sookie St. James/’Gilmore Girl’ days. And later in ‘Mike & Molly’ on CBS.

    And Sandra Bullock has never been been a slouch when it comes to getting laughs.

    Sounds like a great gig!

  4. Funny Stuff, worth a couple hours of your time. The characters are a natural for a follow up so expect the sequel to be announced for 2015 any time.

  5. I love Sandra Bullock and have my moments with Melissa McCarthy so with this getting the Fogs stamp of approval. I think I’m in.

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  7. Good review Fogs. It’s a funny movie that knew what type of flick it was and didn’t make any apologies for it. Also, it gives Bullock a chance to be funny and watchable again.

  8. Glad this rocked your boat Fogs! I love Sandra Bullock but I have to admit this isn’t really my cup of tea. I for one don’t really get the appeal of miss McCarthy, but hey, if people dig her then more power to her 😀

    • She certainly is someone who will test people’s tolerance, no doubt about it. This flick continued her run of decent openings, though, so she’ll be around for awhile. 😯 Meanwhile, I think she’s hysterical, so I suppose that needs to be factored in here….

  9. Glad you loved this one too, I’m sad to see it’s getting such a comparatively bad rap. I’m with you in wanting to see more of what’s here, but I’d personally rather see the same Feig/McCarthy pair continue together but take on different material; this one almost felt like a sort of spiritual sequel to Bridesmaids in my mind, I’d love to see where the next step might be

    • I haven’t read a lot of reviews on it, so I’m not sure what the “Word on the street” is. I am surprised it’s only at 62% on Rotten Tomatoes. 😦

      I wouldn’t mind Feig/McCarthy continuing to explore new ground either, but this opened really well. And unlike Bridesmaids, I think they’ll be able to do a sequel. I bet we see The Heat 2 in 2015/16…

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  11. Me and the roommate decided to go see this tonight after I read this review and thank you!! I was skeptical after seeing the trailers because it looked like just another dumb comedy, but oh my god I could not stop laughing my ass off! McCarthy is genius and the evolution of Bullock’s character was great. I had a few issues with the plot but found it hard to care as I was laughing so hard. So thanks for the recommendation!

    “What? Is your wife a 5-pound bag of flour with a hole in it?”

    • Heh. Glad I could hook you up! 😀 SO many of McCarthy’s insults were just hysterical. When she’s badgering the Captain about his balls? LOL My lord.

      The plot was pretty straightforward/basic/typical stuff, Nicole. As you note in your comment, this movie was all about the characters!

      Glad you enjoyed it!

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