Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR favorite movie based on a TV show?

lone-ranger-and-tonto“The Lone Ranger” has seen many adaptations, from film shorts to radio, but his most famous incarnation was most likely the television show that aired on TV for eight seasons, from 1949 to 1957.

Films based off of television shows are nothing new, there have been dozens upon dozens of them. While a number of them get a bad rap, there are quite a few that are excellent.

The entire Star Trek franchise has its roots in TV. 2011’s “The Muppets”, which is near and dear to my heart, can trace its origins back to the TV show. Of course, “Serenity” capped off an excellent show by moving to the big screen. “Heat” was based off of a made for TV movie, “The Naked Gun” movies came from “The Files of Police Squad”, and of course, there’s the “Mission Impossible” movies as well.

What’s YOUR favorite? If you need some help, here’s a handy reference.

Let’s hear it!


128 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR favorite movie based on a TV show?

  1. paging Dr. Kimble, Dr. Richard Kimble, you are wanted on Fogs Movie Reviews. See the one armed man about your status.

  2. Well, “21 Jump Street” is the best one I’ve seen recently, although “The Fugitive” I think, really is the big one that tops this kind of list, and “Star Trek: First Contact”, is the best film of that series. I don’t think any of the Python movies, other than “And Now for Something Completely Different” should count by the way. They were the group, together. It’s not like they did “… The Holy Grail” on TV, and then they did the movie, it was an original idea, it just happen to have the same troupe behind it. (On that note, I think Muppets are a stretch too, but I think I’ll give in on that one.) I think that’s a stretch. I’m trying to think of one, that hasn’t come up yet, but I’m having trouble, I think we covered the good ones, pretty thoroughly. I’ll throw one out there ’cause it’s obscure, but-eh, The Folksmen actually originated as a SNL skit too, so technically, “A Mighty Wind”, counts, but it’s so obscure I can’t even find it on youtube to show it, but it was the year that Guest, McKean and Shearer were on (Same year Billy Crystal was a regular as well) and it’s a very early version of what eventually became that Christopher Guest film, but basically it’s the same sketch of them, arguing over which of their favorite obscure songs to sing, before eventually singing “Eat at Joe’s”.

    • It’d probably be hard at this point to come up with a good one that hasn’t been mentioned, simply because there aren’t all that many of them. 😉

      First Contact is probably the best Next Gen movie, yeah. The Muppets aren’t a stretch, but perhaps the Python movies are. I’m pretty much in the “are based on tv” camp though.

      Was “The Folksmen” really an SNL clip? Huh. I never knew that… I’ll clue you in though, SNL has its clips pulled from YouTube. Going forward, if you’re looking for anything SNL you’ll have to hit NBC or SNL’s webpage. That’s been my experience at least!

      • Good to know. I kinda figured that was the reason I couldn’t find it on youtube, but it’s very obscure. I doubt most people even on youtube would’ve known about it, but I’ve seen it, and I it remember clearly.It was, a good 10-12 before the film, , and the lyrics to “Eat at Joe’s” hadn’t been fully-written yet, the way we know it now. So, it was an early version of the song. This had to be, like post-Spinal Tap, and it was that transition year on SNL when they hired named actors ’cause they didn’t fully realize that the show was gonna be about the up-and-coming sketch performers quite yet, so it was in a bad “SNL” year, and it was the earliest possible version of it; it’s hard to find, but I did see it, watching a rerun of “SNL” when NBC used to air episodes of “SNL” late-late Saturday nights, to kill time. It was strange to see, just how long that idea, had been bouncing around their heads, until they finally figured out a place to put to it, that’s why I find it intriguing, in a process of an artist kinda way.

        Yeah, I don’t think there’s enough really good adaptation of TV-inspired film adaptations yet. (And yes, I’ll take “First Contact” over “Wrath of Khan”, I think it is the best, “Star Trek” film overall. Can’t beat the Borg, in general), and I’m just looking at the wikipedia list now, some of the movies are obscure. “Reno 911: Miami” was good though. I’ll say this, and I may be the only that likes it, but I think “Dragnet”‘s pretty good. The Tom Hanks/Dan Ackroyd one; I know I’m in a minority on that one, but I think it actually holds up. They didn’t the Dragnet close-ups like they should’ve, but other than that, I think it’s a funny and good parody/homage to the original show. I bet no one else will say that.

        Well, if I think about I’ll check SNL’s webpage for the clip and let you know if I ever find it.

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