Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2


After the events shown in “Grown Ups”, Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) and his wife (Salma Hayek) decide to leave Hollywood and move their family back to Lenny’s hometown. Of course, this puts him back in with his old friends Eric (Kevin James), Kurt (Chris Rock) and “Higgy” (David Spade). Together they all face the challenges of dealing with their wives and their children.

When Kurt’s wife (Maya Rudolph) forgets their 20th wedding anniversary, he has a chit so large he barely knows what to do with it. He decides they should all have a party at Lenny’s house. Standing in their way, however, is the man that used to bully Lenny in high school, and an entire, angry fraternity who are after them due to a turf war over the local swimming hole.

Will Lenny and his friends be able to withstand the challenges of being adults?

“Grown Ups 2” was an absolutely horrifying exercise in stupid comedy. Think of it as an inverse IQ test… this film is trying to figure out how dumb you are. It takes stupefyingly dumb characters, puts them in horribly unfunny situations, then somehow expects the audience to laugh at the juvenile sensibilities. The film opens with a frightened buck who has wandered into Sandler’s family’s home peeing  all over people, and then it only gets worse from there. Spade sexually licks a female body builder’s bicep, Nick Swardson publicly takes a dump in a KMart display toilet, and Kevin James has a running joke about being able to burp, sneeze and fart simultaneously. I wish I were joking.

This is an exercise in infantilism that everyone involved with should be ashamed of. Of course, it will find the non-discerning bottom feeders of the American cinema going public and make its money, letting Sandler and his cronies continue unimpeded. The entire gang is here and then some. Aside from the core supporting trio of James, Rock and Spade, Lon Lovitz, Steve Buscemi, Tim Meadows, Andy Samberg and a host of others show up. Taylor Lautner and Milo Ventimiglia compete to be the film’s most annoying Frat boy, while Shaquille O’Neal and Stone Cold Steve Austin have small roles. When Shaquille O’Neal provides the funniest (note, that’s relative, I said funniest not funny) performance in your film, you know you’re in trouble. Swardson and Hayek were special stand-outs in the embarrassment. Hayek mangled what should have been a walk in the park role. At least she brought enough accent for the rest of the class. Swardson of course, turns up the obnoxiousness into a zone that’s currently immeasurable. Think I’m kidding? Wait to you see him in his urine stained tighty whiteys.

Together, the cast mugs their way through fart jokes, getting hit in the balls, and multiple vomit jokes. I would say that this humor was aimed at 12 year olds, except I doubt todays tweens would be caught dead at something as dumb as this.

This movie made me wonder if anyone involved had an ounce of pride in their work. It certainly wouldn’t be evidenced by their willingness to appear in this clumsy, unfunny, juvenile piece of garbage, that’s for sure.



50 thoughts on “Grown Ups 2

  1. I 2000% agree!!! It made me want to sneak out a side door so no one thought I’ve sunk to that level of intelligence.

    I know you are not a Sandler fan, however, I enjoy some of his work, even the cheesy stuff like 50 First Dates, Just Go with It, etc. (easy going fun movies). I liked the first Grownups. Made me want to collect my old friends and go on a vacation in the woods.

    But…. THIS movie sucked! How they think their reputations can recover, I don’t know. Who would have throught, Rob Schneider was the smart one, saying, he’d pass…”I have other plans”.

    The only part I found entertaining was when the kids were talking about the 80’s themed party, “that time way back in the 1900’s”.

    You were mighty generous with that F!

    • I know, right? How bad is your movie when you cant get Rob Schneider? LOL

      I thought that party was great. What great costumes, obviously the band rocked, I’d LOVE to have a party like that. But even then, the movie kind of sucked, because THAT PARTY CAME TOGETHER IN ONE DAY! LOL. Like what, all those people had all those 80s outfits lying around? There’s a 24 hour 80s costume shop nearby? 🙄


      You’re right, I should have gone with the F-. 😉

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  3. A review so much more thoughtful and worthy than the movie itself. I won’t even go see this thing! But for you to see it, then to have to relive it by writing about it?! My hat’s off you to you, man. That’s above and beyond…. 🙂

      • I admire your enthusiasm 🙂

        It’s just the whole Grown Up enterprise that annoys me; it seems lazy and like some bad vacation videos (with Dennis Dugan as the dad behind the camera who doesn’t know what he’s doing.) You can get your guys together and make something worthwhile (i.e. This is the End). I dunno, maybe it just irks me that Grown Ups 2 is making more than Pacific Rim. Ugh.

  4. So sorry you had to sit through this one. 😦 It sounds like it was a painful experience. I haven’t seen the first Grown Ups, but it sounds like it’s probably best to skip both of them. Hopefully you will also get to see Pacific Rim this weekend – that one’s a lot more fun! 🙂

    • I actually caught the first Grown Ups a couple of weeks back, on cable, seeing as this one was coming up, I thought I’d bite the bullet and check it out (not that I needed to to understand anything here 🙄 ) Anyways, it wasn’t as bad as I expected, but then again I expected the gates of hell to open up through my TV and swallow me whole, so… yeah. LOL.

      This was every bit as bad as I thought it would be though 😦

  5. Hahah! Yes, the swift hammer of Justice is delivered by Fogs once again!! F**k Sandler and his career now, man. I was ready for this movie to be terrible, and this review (and the whopping 7% on Rotten Tomatoes) confirms what I thought. Will be staying well away from this one, friend. Sorry you had to endure !

    • Its fine. I… do this kind of thing, Tom. LOL 😉

      Anyways, yeah, this is an easy choice for my year end worst list. I can’t imagine it not getting serious consideration. I’m not sure if Sandler will get consideration as worst actor or not yet, but there are several worthy candidates amongst his supporting crew 😯

  6. Happy Madison’s streak continues unabated. Not that I was worried with this one. I was slightly concerned with Here Comes the Boom — it actually made it up to 39% on RT — but this time? No question. Sandler and his cronies still can’t earn critical approval of 50% or higher.

    It may happen someday. But probably not.

    • Not with stuff like this it won’t. LOL. Not a chance. I gave “That’s My Boy” a C, I think for inconsistent moments of humor, but this was just terrible alllllll the way through 😦

  7. I loved the sum-it-all-up one word review that came into my inbox. I checked in and read the whole thing and feel a little worse for having done so – I really felt your pain.

  8. Your review was great and all but it’s just a shame for money to go on crap like this and subtract from the sum of human intelligence. It’s baaaaaad.

      • Yeah, well put. Though it’s not a very inspiring brand statement… How about working in another one, like: Trying to drag us down to his level since 1990.

  9. I’m going to officially declare my website an “Adam sandler free zone”. I don’t hate too many people I don’t know, but based on his output, he’s one of the few.

  10. I’m pretty much finished with Adam Sandler because I’ve already given up to the fact that he won’t do anything worthwhile anymore. These days, he’s no longer making movies but rather something that is worse than the bad movie. It’s trash at its worst where it offers no value of entertainment and just relies on the same thing over and over again… oh and brought to you by some lame product placement. It saddens me that this is what people are going to see instead of “Pacific Rim”. Humanity, you failed!

    • Yeah… that is sad. Definitely wish the American movie goer would abandon Sandler, but, it doesn’t look like that’ll ever happen.

      Meanwhile, this is exactly how you describe it… “something worse than a bad movie.” LOL

  11. Yup. Just what I thought. I did not torture myself with the first one either.
    0% interest.

    Sad. I really think Adam Sandler is talented and he is just wasting it. Sadder still? There is a market for this garbage. 0_o

    Later! 😀

    ps–Pacific Rim is AWESOME!

    • Yeah, I caught Pacific Rim, I’ll have my review up later. For some reason, my gheatre didn’t give it many 3D showtimes, so I wound up catching this one first 😦

      Anyways, I used to think that too. That Sandler was talented and he was squandering it. But I’ve come to believe that this is all he’s got. This is the extent of his “talent” 😦

    • “I bet this review is funnier than the whole movie” Heh. there’s a chance, let’s say that. Just to be on the record, I cant even recommend this one on cable. LOL Find another show to watch or read a book or do some chores…. anything! LOL

  12. If something this bad is doing that well at the box office, I have to say it is a really sad commentary on American taste and it really goes to show that what makes a movie a success or a flop has NOTHING to do with the actual quality of the movie at all anymore. I keep failing to understand Sandler as he is a person I like who makes movies I won’t go near. (aside from 50 first dates which isn’t really my type of movie but the only one he had done that I will watch because it is enjoyable and cute)

    • Thing is… and I only looked at this now. Grown Ups 2 had an $80 million dollar budget. 😯 $80 Mill!! Seriously, Sandler and his friends are getting PAID.

      I don’t know that box office successes and failures are completely divorced from quality nowadays, but they’re definitely not 100% equal, sadly. 😦

      The lesson to be learned here, like you said, is that Sandler continues to make movies I wouldn’t wish upon people I hate.

      • Let’s keep an open mind Fogs…..maybe they all worked for free and the 80 mil went into that party! hahaha 😀

  13. I caught this one finally after reading your review. I was expecting to sit there emotionless the whole time, but I definitely had some LOL moments. C’mon man, you telling me you didn’t laugh when Swordsen pulls the string on the raft box and gets sent through two aisles? Or when Kevin James jumps off the cliff landing right on Spade??? Horrible movie all-together, granted. And the dialogue comedy was awful. But I thought a decent bit of the physical humor was good.

    • The SPARSE chuckles within this movie. And I can’t stress that enough… SPARSE were so outweighed by the groans that they’re not even worth mentioning. For example, the aforementioned raft scene came after about ten minutes of straining my ocular muscles rolling my eyes at that character. It earned him a .5 second reprieve from my disdain. LOL

      Sorry, Gene, I can’t support you here, buddy. 😦

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