Recycled, Inane, Pathetic and Dumb.

When Boston police officer Nick Walker is killed on the job, he’s given a reprieve from judgement in the afterlife if he agrees to serve a 100 year term with the R.I.P.D. (Rest in Peace Department). The R.I.P.D. hunts souls that have died, but managed to stay on earth in human form. “Dead’ohs”, as they’re called, continue to walk the earth, but leave a trail of negative energy in their wake that causes things to go awry… such as machinery malfunctions, for example. In order to keep the world safe and clean for humans, the R.I.P.D. track these souls and either bring them in for judgement or dispatch them permanently with special soul-destroying bullets.

Making matters worse for Nick is the fact he’s partnered with Roy Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges), a cantankerous lawman from the 18th century who has no patience for rookies.

Together they track a couple of Dead-ohs before discovering that something big is afoot. Someone is collecting pieces of an ancient artifact that will allow the dead to walk the earth permanently, and without having to hide in human form. This results in an increase in dead-oh activity, and before you know it the R.I.P.D. has more than it can handle. It’ll be up to Nick and Roy to find the artifact and destroy it before the dead take over the earth.

It’s going to be a common criticism, but it’s nearly impossible not to mention the similarities to “Men in Black”. A person steps through into a world he never knew existed and has to fight crazy creatures, while paired with a grizzly veteran who’s less than thrilled about taking on a newbie partner. It feels as though its cribbing off of that film, right down to the silly tone and creature design. At times, it’s hard to escape the retread feel of the proceedings.

Beyond that, the movie has a shallow plot, poor characters, goofy character designs, and unspectacular action scenes. I will say it made good use of 3D, though. Jeff Bridges mugs his way through the film with a thick, fake “Old West” accent that must have weighed about 20 pounds. It’s not one of his most endearing characters, to say the least, but whatever moments of humor there are in the film are courtesy of him and perhaps James Hong (the two RIPD officers appear on earth as an old Chinese man and a supermodel hot blonde, played by James Hong and Marisa Miller, respectively). Ryan Reynolds is plays it straight, which is to say “bland”. Without being able to do his fast talking, arrogant comedy schtick, he’s really not interesting at all. Kevin Bacon is involved on the bad guy side of the equation, but his part is barely worth mentioning.

The cast’s efforts are relatively game however, considering the poor script and lame visuals. The movie is supposed to be a tongue in cheek, humorous affair, but none of the jokes, comedy or characters worked for me. ItΒ felt flat from beginning to end. Reynolds and Bridges haveΒ no chemistry together, the dead that they pursue take on laughable cartoonish shapes when they’re discovered, and the McGuffin-centric plot is about as shallow as they come. It’s a movie that one day may help you kill time for free on cable, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it under any other circumstance.



54 thoughts on “R.I.P.D.

    • Ohhhh! Ta dum dum TSCH!! NTEMP ladies and gentlemen! Don’t forget to tip your waitress! πŸ˜€

      It was DOA alright. A little smelly, too, to be honest. 😦 Not recommendable at all.

  1. I was hoping Jeff Bridges could make something slightly memorable out of it but, not to be. I wonder if Ryan Reynolds will be able to deliver anything that will free him from the “budget killer” label he is developing. I hope so, I think he can be decent, but perhaps only in very few roles. Thanks Fogs!

    • No problem Gene. I’m a Bridges fan too, but his accent was kind of a bad choice here (strange too because I loved his Rooster Cogburn). Didn’t matter, the rest of the movie was so bad that I don’t think he could have done anything to help it… 😦

      Meanwhile, Reynolds isn’t all that great as a hero. I enjoy when he’s doing that snide, condescending comedy he does sometimes, but outside of that he really hasn’t impressed me much. Hollywood is going to have to wise up and stop giving him big budget films…

  2. Sorry Bridges couldn’t save this; guess they can’t all be winners. Nice call Fogs on the tired retread as echoed by NTEMP.

    “Mark it zero.” πŸ˜‰
    – Walter (Goodman), Big Lebowski

    • They sure can’t all be winners, and this movie certainly isn’t. 😯

      LOL @ the Lebowski quote. People’s time is much better served watching Walter and the Dude for the 100th time than seeing this once. 😦

  3. I didnt expect much but I thought it was going to be ok. I was surprised how dry this movie was. It was bad all the way around. Great review right on point. By the way no TPMP???

    • Announced it on Facebook, sorry. Yeah, last week I had a brutal sore throat and couldn’t talk. Don’t know what it was, but I’m glad it cleared up! We’ll be back again this week…

      Meanwhile, yeah, “dry” is one word for it. LOL

  4. Jeff Bridges had to cash in on all the work he put in to his Rooster Cogburn somehow.

    D!!! How much money would you bet on Brik and I loving it? Is there any chance it could be awesomely shitty?

    • Mmmmnnnn. I don’t think so. Personally I love a good “So bad its good” movie, so I would tend to pick up on that myself. I think this is a case of “So bad its bad” LOL 😦

      This was definitely a cash in role for Bridges. He doesn’t do many of them, but this was absolutely one of them. 😦

  5. YUP. Just what I thought. I will pass. And exactly what I said with the trailer–Men in Black with dead people. -_-

    Later! πŸ˜€

    ps–Sorry you had to miss Comic-Con–hope it wasn’t too painful watching all the news from a far– 😦

    • I’ve been skipping as much of it as I can 😦 It does hurt. LOL Had to read all this Superman/Batman news though 😯 That’s going to be awesome, seeing them onscreen together!

      One big difference between this and Men in Black, though. MIB was entertaining 😦

      • I figured it would it “hurt”–LOL! I have never been and am always jealous.

        Yes! But I am worried about Batman casting–gonna be tough decision and it has to be right–you know?

        I am getting excited about Godzilla now, too. Buzz is really good. The return of Kaiju! πŸ˜€

        And yikes on RIPD! Pass for sure.

  6. Yeah, this pretty much confirms everything I thought about this film. What a waste of Jeff Bridges’ time. I guess he was just putting in some extra effort knowing he’s about to get a paycheck for otherwise doing absolutely nothing. But damn it, still. What a waste. Nice review

    • Yeah, its a little sad to see Bridges starring in this. I’m not sure whether the script looked better on paper, or he needed the cash, or if maybe this was bundled in with some other project he liked better… not sure.

      He gave it his all though. I wasn’t a huge fan of the character, but at least you cant say he mailed it in or anything. πŸ˜‰

  7. Hollywood seems to be getting carried away with these ludicrous concepts and not realizing that it still takes a certain amount of vision and talent to make them work.

    • Yeah, I really don’t know what they expected here. It was just… subpar. It had a relatively big budget, too. $135 mil! Apparently none of that went into the script. Or the character design either, for that matter 😦

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