The Wolverine


Not 100% the movie that Wolverine fans will have their hearts set on, but definitely pretty good.

After the events of “X-Men 3”, we find Logan living in solitude in a cave in the mountains. The events of that chpater in his history haunt him, especially having to kill Jean Grey. He has nightmares about her constantly. In them, he feels the affection he used to have for her and then relives the anguish of having to kill her.

Eventually he’s tracked down by a mutant named Yukio (Rila Fukushima), and asked to accompany her back to Japan in order to say farewell to and to be thanked by a dying man named Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi). Logan saved Yashida’s life when the atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. In the years since, he rose to be president of one of the most powerful technology corporations in Asia. Now, on his deathbed, he wishes to say goodbye to Logan, and to thank him one last time for saving his life.

Of course, nothing is as easy as that when you’re the Wolverine. When he arrives in Japan, he finds that Yashida actually wants him to transfer his healing powers to him in order to save his life. He’s enlisted the aid of an evil mutant named Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) to try to drain Logan of his powers. There’s also a battle ensuing between Yashida’s heirs for control of his empire once he passes. Logan falls for Yashida’s granddaughter Mariko (Tao Okamoto), and feels the need to protect her when the other interests try to kidnap her.

Will he be able to protect Mariko, even when he’s robbed of his healing powers?

“The Wolverine” is almost the Wolverine solo movie that fans have been clamoring for. Logan gets to wallow in the pain and the burden of who he is, while getting dragged into a conflict he has little interest in aside from protecting the innocent. Along the way he finds a doomed romance and finds out just how much of himself he truly identifies with his healing factor. It’s not exactly a “deep” film, by any means, but it’s certainly not as disposable as say “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Watching Logan struggle without his healing factor was a nice touch… for a superhero that feels more cursed than most others, seeing him come to realize just how much he needs and wants his abilities made for an interesting watch.

The action scenes and plot are both decent, Wolverine is given plenty of people to slice through and a good enough reason to do it. When they try to go “big” with the action, however, the film loses its footing a bit. The set piece atop a speeding bullet train and the final “Boss Battle” at the end of the film both strained credulity a little and stood out in comparison to the rest of the film, which was relatively grounded.

Nonetheless, it’s great watching Jackman reprise this role. He’s the spitting image of Wolverine, as if he were born to play this character. And this film is a solid showcase for him that will certainly please most fans.



NOTE: Be sure to stay through the credits on this one! I’m typically not thrilled about these little clips they make people hang around for, but this one is definitely worth your time!!


45 thoughts on “The Wolverine

  1. Yep, I’m with you, Fogs. Love Jackman in this role. I was set to be disappointed in the adaptation of Wolverine’s comic Japan saga, but they didn’t totally mess that up. I could watch this again.

  2. ““The Wolverine” is almost the Wolverine solo movie that fans have been clamoring for.” Emphasis on the word ALMOST. It was decent, but more so than any of the prior X-Men movies, this one had all the potential to be so much more than that, which was a bit of a shame. Nice review, Fogs.

  3. Good score. This was a big surprise for me. My expectations were low but I had a lot of fun. I agree with the “boss battle” take but I loved the bullet train bit.

    • Yeah, I don’t know… the bullet train scene was fun I guess, but pretty silly at the same time. At the end with the big “boss battle”, well, superhero movies always fall into that trap, so… I suppose it can be forgiven. Not like I hated it or anything… 😉

  4. Nice review. Glad to see a good rating, I’m looking forward to seeing this and hope it will remove the bad taste of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

  5. That post-credit scene made the hair on my neck stand straight up in the air, and also have me totally hyped for what’s next to come. Good review boss.

    • Thanks Dan-o. 😉

      Yeah, I was leaving the theatre and the ticket taker was like, you’re not staying for the post credits scene? I kind of reluctantly turned around, but… that was a good one! 😀 😯

  6. That post-credit scene is the best part of the experience watching this for me, now that’s saying something about the movie, doesn’t it? Yes Jackman seems to born to play this character, and he’s in phenomenal shape in this film. Too bad I can’t say the same about the film itself.

  7. Nicely reviewed Fogs. Definitely a stronger entry than Origins. Definitely. Unfortunately for me, that’s almost where the positives run out for me. . . . lol

      • yeah, well it happens. i did, however, get really psyched up with that mid-credits scene! that was very interesting. i did enjoy myself to an extent in the whole thing, but the ending really lost me as did viper. all good.

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  9. Ya know, I’m a bit over the X-men these days. Frist Class was good, but now I’m a little…. over it? Can I get that way? Still, I’ll check this out on Blu in due course. Looks interesting (and you’ve ticked me with that “post-credits sequence” tease… ya big tease!!! 😉

    • I’m sure in a few weeks they’ll have the post credit sequence up on YouTube. But I’m not kidding, it was a jaw dropper. This may be the first Marvel movie ever where the post credit scene was the best part of the movie!! 😯

      I hear you about being over the X-Men though.

  10. Nicely done sir. Hoping to see this at some point this week. Not expecting a huge amount to be honest so hopefully I’ll be surprised. Good to hear that Jackman is still great as Logan though, I was worried he’d be phoning it in at this point.

  11. Awesome review Fogs! This is about what I expected from this movie, and am really glad to see that it’s not as lame as Origins was. Looking forward to seeing it. 🙂

    • Thanks Will. DEFINITELY not as lame as “Origins”. This wasn’t exactly a great superhero movie or anything, but it was a pretty solid flick, and definitely a decent outing for people who are fans of the character!

  12. Couldn’t agree more. It was a pretty good but didn’t knock my socks off. There is still room for improvement. I’m really rooting for Days of Future Past to be the definitive X-Men movie!

    • Yup, LOL. I think everyone left the theatre with their socks still on. 😉

      If that post credit bit here didn’t get you psyched up for “Days of Future Past”, nothing will, right? 😀 Great clip…

  13. I quite enjoyed the film. (Except for the 3D, which was clumsy and obvious for the most part). I thought the biggest knock on the film was its attachment to X-Men 3, which, being one of the most abhorrent Comic-book films ever, couldn’t help but be a drag, plus having all the Famke Jannsen scenes take place in a ECU Boudoir setting was out of place and distractive, especially as to the best of my knowledge even in the continuity of the movies they’d never slept together. Possibly because I’m still bitter about the whole ‘replacing Cyclops with Wolverine’ bit from the 3rd movie that whole part of the plot fell completely flat for me (Yes, I’m a comic geek and fanboy… have we met?)

    All that aside though, the rest of the film really worked for me. I liked the other characters, especially Yukio, and I thought the action was spectacular (with maybe the exception of the bullet train section which looked way too CGI for me). I also liked that they weren’t shy about piling up the body count, which for a movie about a guy with claws is pretty mandatory. I thought the scene where he through the guy in the pool struck a wrong note for that reason, although I guess they felt they needed a humor note there, and it did get a laugh in the theater I was in.

    Certainly Hugh Jackman did a tremendous job here. I’m on record as not being Jackman’s biggest fan as Worverine (He’s just never really convinced me about being the toughest little pug around, although he gets the rest right), but I think this was his strongest Logan performance to date. He really pulled off the pathos side of Wolverine to a tee, and MAN, is that guy in shape! Seriously, he looked great and has made the role his own.

    B+ is definitely a fair grade. Fun was had. 😀

  14. Back-burnering this one for now but I’m at least a little enthusiastic for it. The movies haven’t always been good, but Jackman is always good as Wolverine. Glad you liked this one reasonably well. And I’ll remember to watch out for the post-credits scene.

    • Jackman was excellent as Wolverine, as always. This may just be his best performance as the character, I’m not sure. Definitely didn’t mail it in, that’s for sure.

      Check it out when you get a chance!

  15. I think I got into the habit of watching all the credits after “Star Wars”. First I was flabergasted at what I’d just seen and second it seems disrespectful to all the below the line people to walk out. When they started putting stingers at the end, I felt a little superior because I was often the only one in the theater at that point. Now I get a kick out of watching people who were leaving, stop on the stairs or in the aisles to watch a mid-credit stinger. Your review fits my experience also, that’s a fair grade.

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  17. Fair review Dan. B+ worthy. The only thing that I have to add is that in middle of the film, I was a little bored. A tad bit slow for my tastes but other than that, good flick.

    • Yeah, I didn’t get bogged down at all, I thought the character portions were pretty well done. Some of the action sequences were where it lost points in my book. Still a decent movie though, I think we both wind up at about the same point with it…

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