Thank you all SO MUCH… but it’s time for me to roll.


It’s Thanksgiving, which I think is a perfect time to make this post. Because I’m very thankful and grateful for all support that I’ve received here while running FMR. I had a ton of excellent movie discussions, met a lot of great people online, learned a ton about movies, and had a truly, genuinely gratifying experience writing and being a blogger.

It’s undeniable now though that I have to move on. So I wanted to make an official post to announce it and take one last opportunity to thank you all.

When I began Fogs’ Movie Reviews two and a half years ago,  I had little idea what I was getting myself into. I had been enjoying doing mini reviews on Facebook, a couple of my friends suggested I start a movie blog, and I quickly dove in head first.

Those first six months or so, as I discovered the joy and rewards of writing about movies, were an intense time of doing extremely little aside from work and blogging. I was so amped up on the newfound highs of being a blogger that I filled nearly all of my free time with it. Almost every free moment I had was spent either watching movies or writing about them. It was an unsustainable path, but the stars aligned to Ferris Keyboardfree up my time and allow it to continue on. A unique situation with my employment allowed me to blog directly from work, and then soon after, blog full time during a hiatus between jobs. I took that time and ran with it, dedicating as much time or more to FMR as I had during the initial, intense first few months.

It was a period I enjoyed very much. I saw more movies in theatres than is probably healthy for a person. I tried to watch every major theatrical release, whether they were good, bad, or downright God-awful. I’d watch movies at home, as well, pursuing under the radar films and classics that I had never gotten around to. And after all of the watching, I’d write, trying to post a new piece of content every single day (and many times more than one).

The response, in my opinion, was overwhelming.

shot0146FMR quickly developed a friendly, loyal and knowledgeable community. Numerous people became regular readers and commenters, and their presence only served to attract others. Before long, the commenting here became more valuable than the content, and people were coming not just to read what I was writing, but to join in the discussion and debate.

I achieved some recognition and accolades during the past couple of years as well. WordPress Freshly Pressed FMR four times, which was an incredible honor and a great boon. They also called out my site in their “Daily Post” blog and said some very flattering things. And of course, nothing could top the experience of this year’s Lammy Awards, where I enjoyed unprecedented success. It was an incredible, amazing treat to have a week like that, thank the Large Association of Movie Blogs and everyone else involved, I’ll never forget it.

As everyone knows though, I’m back working on my career, and I have next to no time now to play on the ‘net. I’ll also confess that there are some things I tired of with blogging, as well. Towards the end, I found myself losing the drive to see movies I had no interest in, just in order to get a review up, but I ferris_buellers_day_offalso found myself tiring of reviewing in general. I never envisioned myself as a critic to begin with… I always thought of myself as someone who loved movies enough to write about them. And towards the end I ran out of gas a bit for the point-counterpoint that comes with putting your opinion up for people to sound off on. I think it’ll be refreshing to once again be able to watch movies without having to opine on them officially, and without having to defend my opinion to others.

So, given my current lack of free time, and the fact that I don’t have the insatiable hunger for the game that I once did, the time has come to officially step away from FMR. I realize that I could probably post sporadic, occasional content in order to keep the site on life support, but people who know me know that that’s not what I’m about. I’ll be paying the bills and leaving the blog up (mainly because I can’t bear to delete so much of my own writing), and who knows, maybe one day the winds will change and I’ll find myself wanting to resurrect it. But for the forseeable future, this will be the last post I put up.

I want to thank Morgan and Richard for providing content the past couple of months. You guys have been great, and I appreciate the efforts you’ve given. But I feel badly having you produce pieces here, while I can’t.

I want to thank Dylan Fields and Joel Burman of the Large Association of Movie Blogs. You gentlemen were very welcoming to me, and I know that I got a LOT out of my membership in your organization.

I’d like to thank WordPress for creating such an outstanding platform for amateur writers and for showing me such great support personally.

But most of all, I’d like to thank all my friends, family and fellow bloggers who came here on a regular basis and blessed FMR with a readership and commenting community that became the envy of other bloggers. On any shot0140given post I could count on people to show up and sound off, and on “Tossin’ It Out There” Tuesdays, I would regularly see comment counts hitting 150 and more. It really was impressive, very flattering, and extremely, extremely fun. I had a great time bantering back and forth, learning what movies people loved and which ones they hate, and having people point me in the direction of great films that I had never seen.

It all added up to an incredibly fun endeavor that I got more than my share of praise for. It’s something I’ll never forget.  In the end, I’m choosing to look at it not that I “no longer can” blog, but that I already have. That I had the experience fully and successfully and did it just about as well as I could have possibly hoped.

Thank you all one last time for helping me, supporting me, and enjoying it alongside me.



168 thoughts on “Thank you all SO MUCH… but it’s time for me to roll.

  1. Sorry to hear this Fogs, but it sounds like you’re good with the decision, so that’s what matters. I was constantly impressed by your ability to post so much quality material with such frequency. That’s a blogging skill I am far from mastering. I read more often than I commented, but it was always fun to see what you had to say. Good luck with whatever is next. And Happy Thanksgiving! Hmm…what’s the perfect movie for today? Is it Planes, Trains and Automobiles?

    • Thanks DB. PT&A WOULD probably be the perfect movie for today, but today is all about the football as far as I’m concerned. Unlike Christmas, where I have to watch “A Christmas Story”, and Halloween, which more often than not turns into a mini horror movie festival 😀

      I appreciate the compliments… I was pretty fired up to provide quality content here, and for awhile everything worked out in my favor. I had to face the music sooner or later though, you know? I’m just glad that everyone enjoyed it so much while it lasted!!

    • Thanks Chris, I’m sure I’ll eventually settle in and start checking in on people now and again. It’s been a rough go of it so far, but things will stabilize soon one way or the other… they always do! 😉

      Thanks for joining the movie crew here, I appreciated your support, man. 😀

  2. You have done tons of work, Mr. Fogs. Not just with this site,but also the Title Pending Podcast. I hope you will continue to do the show, and I hope to see you write again soon.

    • “Mr.” even. LOL I like that. 😀

      It’ll be awhile before I start writing again, I’m sure, but the show is still in play. Tank and I have fun doing it every week, it’s just a matter of continuing to find the time, and maybe finding some tweaks to make things easier on us 😉

  3. Aw, it’s sad to see you go, but I can understand how life gets in the way. I hope you stick around Twitter at least! Good luck with everything!

    • Thanks Brittani. 😀 I know, I haven’t even been able to do ANY social media, really. I’ve been MIA from Twitter, Facebook, all that stuff. 😦

      I’m sure I’ll be able to reign things in and get time to play again soon though 😉

  4. F*ck I just wrote a pretty lengthy comment that just disappeared… f*ckin hate

    Thank you Fogs, you have been a great and prominent LAMB member that will be missed. However, I totally understand your decision especially since you are a very passionate man that only have one gear in your half full approach to life. With that in mind I’m with Jessica, you’ll go quite the distance even if you just would put in 50% of your blogging efforts into it. But thats not your style and thats something I’ve always admired about you even though we have had our run-ins in the past where we might have had a different view on things.

    Anyways, as a fellow LAMB I’m sad to see a great site go but you had a very impressive run with it.

    Finally I’m gonna try to convince you to change TMP pod rather than shutting it down. I’m sure you and Tank could do a great but different show if you changed the format to be less dependent on news and new releases. I’d love for you guys to do retrospects or cover actors/directors/genres or something in that vein.

    • LOL. I love WordPress. But it does suck when a comment disappears :angry:

      Yeah, I’m totally an all or nothing type of person… if I’m going to do something, I’m going to give it the proverbial 110%, otherwise, I’m just not going to bother.

      I’ve always appreciated that even though we may not have always seen eye to eye, we always got past things, Joel. 😀

      Yeah, that’s one of the things in play for TPMP. There’s a lot of ideas being bandied about. Bi-weekly, splitting up the films that get released each week so we don’t have to see everything, retrospectives, as you say, etc… We’ll see where it winds up. I think he and I both really still want to still do it, it’s just a matter of being able to deliver the same level of quality….

      • I’d say that it would be smart to NOT cover all new releases because that sets a news tone to the podcast. I would rather hear you talk about maybe one new release that you both have seen and focus on something else the rest of the show. You have done a great show so far with only one limitation and that is that the listening value a long time after release is slightly lower just because the focus on news, box-office round-up etc. With that in mind due to you guys having hard to come up with time I think it would be better for you to focus on topics that aren’t time limited in the same way.

  5. I know where you’re coming from. I too started watching everything that came out-big theatrical, foreign, independent, etc. Then I started tapering off because certain films didn’t need watching, just burning. (Duece Bigalow comes to mind) But we both have something that is great-we LOVE films. It’s now in our DNA. Even though I won’t be reading your blogs any more I’ll still be sending you a Christmas card. Thanks for listening to me and being a good friend to my son, Tank.

    • Thanks Alan! 😀 Yeah, Tank is alright, I guess… 😉

      Man, movies like Duece Bigalow can just suck the love for movies right outta you, can’t they? 🙄 “Grown Ups 2” comes to mind this year, and ironically Schneider was the only one with the good sense not to appear in it! 😮

      I do still love movies though, you’re right, it IS in my DNA. So there’s always that, Al, there’s always that.

  6. “We will not go quietly into the night!” We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!”

    We’re just going to have to do it someplace else.

    I feel like the streetlights have come on and your Mom is calling you in while we all still want to play. I have enjoyed the hell out of the last couple of years and I sleep better knowing that there are kindred souls out there who enjoy all this stuff as much as I do. You are on my Thanksgiving list for providing an active group of fellow movie nuts to commiserate with. Keep us all in mind if you get an itch to write or need a place to vent.

    You know where to find us, all you have to do is whistle, you know how to whistle don’t you Dan?

    • LOL. That’s creepy cause I know where that line is from and it was a more than a little bit sexual in the original utterance. 😉

      Anyways, yeah, it does feel like playtime is over for a bit. Thanks for being one of the kids that pushed the game past dusk and into dark a little bit, I’ll always appreciate you picking me up like that man. I also appreciate the kind words in your video tribute, that was a great idea.

      TPMP awaits! If you’re ready to go, just pick a pre-Christmas week in December. The Hobbit? That’ll be a big show… let’s do it.

    • Uh oh, screen nick change alert! Screen nick change alert. Who are you? Have you been here before? LOL 😉

      Guess I’ve already been out of it for awhile. 😦

      Cheesy movies will ALWAYS be on my agenda. ALLLLWAYS. 😀 Thanks so much for your patronage over the blog’s run, it’s been such a fun thing! 😀

      • lol. Sorry!!! I changed my blog. Used to be Worldsbeforethedoor. And I’ve always enjoyed your willingness to feature cheesy action flicks and talked very highly of your willingness to watch all the Twilight movies so I didn’t have too!

      • Heh, yeah, I sucked it up and took one for the team on Twilight. That was fun though. Still the biggest day in FMR history that I earned on my own (not freshly pressed, or Reddit, etc) 😀

        I recognized you btw… you had that avatar before 😉

    • Thanks Mikey, I appreciate the sentiment. Don’t be too sad… there’s tons of great blogs still kicking. But we definitely did have a blast here while it lasted! Thanks for being a part of it! 😀

  7. Fogs, its been great getting to know you through the blog. I’ve always loved coming over here to see what you’ve got going on. I’ve had a blast doing the Director Talk segments with you, and you’ve given me one of my favourite podcasts which helps a lot with my long commute every day.

    I understand the sentiment as my free time for blogging is getting smaller and smaller as well. I guess it happens. But its been a blast talking movies with you, and if you ever come out to Saskatchewan for some reason, you’ve got a place to stay.

    • HAHA!! Yeah, baby Saskatchewan, here I come!! 😀

      Seriously though, it has been a lot of fun, and those Director’s Talk segments were a great idea, no doubt.

      I’m glad you like the show, man. We’re still not sure what direction we’re going in, there’s a very real chance it stays alive. The changes that might need to happen might not even be noticeable, to be honest. The big thing is the days of me hitting multiple movies a week is probably over… but hell, a lot of podcasts only cover one movie a week! 😮

  8. I hate to see you go, Fogs, but I love to watch you love


    Stupid joke aside, I’m sorry to see you step down. I enjoyed blogging with you quite a bit. Your content was great as was the discussion that would occur. I also really lived working with you and Ian on the “director talks”. Good times. Well, I hope you’re enjoying life and the career is going well, here’s to FMR.

    • Isn’t that supposed to be “love to watch you leave”? :/ LOL

      Thanks, though, PG. You were one of the very first bloggers I connected with through this whole thing. I remember you put me on your blog roll and I was blown away. LOL. (Of course, the “Magic” of the blog roll didn’t take long to demystify. LOL 😉 )

      We absolutely had a bunch of good times through the magic of the net, and I hope you and your site continue on strong….

  9. Good luck with your future endeavors, my friend. It will be sad to see you vanish from the blogosphere completely – so how about popping in around the traps from time to time, eh, just to let us know you’re still alive! 😉

    All the best, my friend. I’ll watch a movie tonight in your honor.

    • Thanks Fernando. Snazzy new “handle” you have there for yourself. LOL.

      I’m sure I’ll swing through everyone’s sites now and again, probably when some big movie catches my attention and I want to see what people have to say. Sadly though, I haven’t even had time to visit my own blog lately! LOL Seriously, Richard and Morgan have been completely carrying on without me…

      Anyways, thanks so much for the support, and if you DID watch a movie in FMR’s honor, I hope it was a good one!

  10. Good luck with everything. I did have fun with you on here. Especially when you actually watched and enjoyed one of my favorite movies, Spirited Away. Glad some of us got you into the Hayou Miyazaki (probably spelled wrong) movies.

    • Bruce, thanks, man. It was definitely fun connecting with you through here, too.

      LOVE the Miyazaki! Awesome stuff… that’s a seriously high class recommendation and one of the benefits of the blog that’s going to keep continuing on after I’m done here. I seriously would have never checked those movies out if it wasn’t for the recommendations that I got here! 😀

  11. Good luck with everything Fogs. I hope to see you on here from time to time. I’ve enjoyed interacting with you over the past few months, even if we’ve never really had a full conversation. I think you have my email (if you don’t let me know|) so if you still ever want to have a friendly chat, say hello every once in awhile 🙂 You’ve been a great presence in the blogosphere. Take care.

    • Thanks Dan, I’ll try to check in now and then when I get a chance…

      FMR did make a stamp in the amateur movie blogosphere, it’s true. I’m quite proud of that actually. 😉 Thanks for being a part of it, Dan!

  12. Fogs,
    I’m sure this is all very bittersweet for you. I have very much appreciated your wit, candor and insight. Keep on keepin on.

    • G…

      I have to tell you, when the blog met with your approval, I was really thrilled. I’m glad you got into the spirit of it, and enjoyed reading… it meant a lot to me, it really did.

      Life, though, You know? Time to get back to reality unfortunately. 😦

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