Follow Fridays!: “You Jivin’ Me Turkey?”

TGIF Folks! And it’s the start of a long weekend here, Stateside, with Monday being Labor Day and all…

And for your 3 day weekend enjoyment, may I present to you one of the most eclectic blogs out there… “You Jivin’ Me Turkey?”

“You Jivin’ Me Turkey?” is the blog of FMR frequenter and regular commenter Brad, whose comments are always humorous and enjoyable due to his EE Cummings-esque stylings (with all the caps and the lines…). It should come as no surprise that his blog is just as creative as his comments!

Click through to check out more about what he has to offer!

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Follow Fridays!: Duke and the Movies

Duke & the Movies is the blogging home of Mr. Sam Fragoso.

It’s safe to say that Sam is an accomplished and well-respected blogger. Duke & the Movies took home this year’s Lammy for “Best Running Feature” for his series “Battle of the Directors”. He was also the runner-up for “The Braniac Award”. Additionally, his blog also received nominations for “Best Reviewer” and “Best Blogathon”. Hell, even his “For Your Consideration” poster did well this year, making it (I believe) to the semi-finals in the FYC Poster tournament.

Click through to read more about “Duke &” after the break!

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Follow Fridays!: Marked Movies

What’s going on everybody? Today we have the long-awaited return of “Follow Fridays!” The blogging schedule has conspired against me turning my attention to these posts for a couple of months now, but if you thought I was going to be content to pass the torch to Bubbawheat, think again! 😀

Today’s “Follow Fridays!” features Mark Walker’s “Marked Movies”. Mark is a blogger from Glasgow, Scotland, and he’s had his blog open since the beginning of this year. Since then he’s reviewed in the neighborhood of 250 movies. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. Click through to read more about it!

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Directors Talk: Stanley Kubrick

Boys and girls…

Just wanted to quickly bring to your attention another installment of the “Director’s Talk” series, where PG Cooper, Ian and I have a roundtable discussion about the greatest directors of all time.

Our focus this time out? One of the most legendary directors of them all, the visionary Stanley Kubrick! The man who has authored some of the most highly regarded films ever made, including “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Dr. Strangelove”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “The Shining”, “Full Metal Jacket”, and many others!

It’s Ian’s turn to host this round, you can find the discussion over at his blog by clicking here. Stop by and check it out and let us know what you think of Mr. Kubrick and his films!

PG brought this post back to mind this morning, and I thought that was a great idea. This is the perfect piece for Father’s Day…

Fogs' Movie Reviews

Die Hard – A Classic Kid’s Movie 

A few weeks ago, I shared an Alfred Hitchcock double feature with my father. We watched Rear Window and Psycho, two films I had never seen before, and films he had only seen in bits and pieces. As expected, we both loved the films and in general had a good time watching them. What I didn’t expect was for Fogs to ask me to write a post on my experience watching the films with my father, and just watching films with my dad in general. I thought it was a great idea, in fact, it kind of annoys me that I didn’t come up with it. So with this, I’m going to explore my past film experiences with my dad, and try to come to some conclusion.

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Follow Fridays!: Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

It’s Friday, and it’s a long weekend (here in the States at least :D)! So what better way to kick things off than with a really great movie blog recommendation?

This time up? The super prolific “Dan the Man” of Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews! You may know Dan as CMrok93, the screen name he uses to comment and reply, he’s visited here on many occasions, in fact I’m sure many of you have seen him on your blogs as well! 

Dan’s one of the hardest working reviewers around, he’s cranking out reviews left and right… click through to read more about his site!!

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Directors Talk: Martin Scorsese

Welcome back to “Directors Talk”! The roundtable discussion series I participate in with PG Cooper of PG Cooper’s Movie Reviews and Ian the Cool of Ian the Cool’s Movie Reviews

This time up, we have one of the most acclaimed directors of all time, Academy Award winner Martin Scorsese!

Scorsese’s career dates back almost 40 years, and includes such legendary films as “Taxi Driver”, “Raging Bull”, “Goodfellas”, “Gangs of New York”, “The Departed” and “Hugo”. With such a storied career to discuss, you can be assured that we had a lengthy conversation about the man, and really hashed out our thoughts! Check it out!   Continue reading

Follow Fridays!: Flixchatter

Thank GOD it’s Friday, I’m telling you… for real.

Fridays bring great blog recommendations here, and this Friday we have a really awesome one., the blog of movie musings run by our buddy Ruth Maramis!

Flixchatter is a new review/classic review/movie discussion blog after my own heart. There’s an eclectic mix of content, a high level of community involvement, and a very personal touch (as evidenced by this post about her 9th anniversary 😀 – Happy Anniversary Ruth!)

Read on to hear more about why checking out Flixchatter is worth your time!

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Directors Talk: Quentin Tarantino

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls…

Just wanted to quickly bring to your attention another installment of the “Director’s Talk” series, where PG Cooper, Ian and I have a roundtable discussion about the biggest and brightest directors working today. This time out, we were joined by Alyson from The Best Picture Project!

Our topic of discussion? One of my favorite directors of all time, the stylistic auteur, the master of homage, the man behind some of the coolest dialogue ever to hit the big screen, Mr. Quentin Tarantino himself!

It’s Mr Cooper’s turn to host this round, so you can find the discussion over at his blog by clicking here. Stop by and check it out and let us know what you think of Tarantino and his movies!

Follow Fridays!: Impassioned Cinema

TGIF! Today, “Follow Fridays!” takes a look at Impassioned Cinema.

Impassioned Cinema is a news and review blog that reviews current relases, and takes a look at important news items and the biggest trailers coming out. They recently reached the 100,000 page view milestone, so they’re definitely kicking ass and heading in the right direction!

But today we’re also going to focus our attention on a very special project that blogger Max Covill has going on right now. Max is working on a short film, entitled “Light and Dust”, and I asked him to talk about it with us!

Click through to check it out!

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