Follow Fridays: The Focused Filmographer’s Avengers Initiative!

Our good friend Terrence “T” Faulkner  – The Focused Filmographer – is running a special event this week in order to get everyone pumped up for next Friday’s release of “The Avengers”. Each day from now til next Friday, T is going to be running a special “Avengers” related post…. and to do it, he’s going to be assembling his own team from around the blogosphere.

Leading off? Yours truly, with a look back at the movie that started this all, “Iron Man”.

Also on tap coming up are entries from our good buddies Aidy, of Aidy’s Reviews, Morgan (traitor) Lewis of Morgan on Media, Jaina (traitor) Mistry of Time Well-Spent, and Ruth Maramis of Flixchatter!

So be sure to stop by and check it out, and follow it all week-long to get psyched out of your mind for “The Avengers”!!


Directors Talk: David Fincher

Hey everyone! It’s time for another round of “Directors Talk”, the roundtable series of discussion about today’s biggest directors that I participate in with Ian and PG Cooper.

This time up on the agenda It’s David Fincher, most recently known for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, but who has been Oscar nominated for “The Social Network” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Of course, he’s probably best known as the director of “Se7en” and “Fight Club”… two unforgettable movies.

He has an incredible filmography, and we have quite a discussion about him!

Ian is hosting this installment, so click here to check out our awesome roundtable!

Guest Blogger!: Le0pard13!

Hey everyone! Another great guest post for you!

This time up, it’s Le0pard13 of “It Rains… You Get Wet”!

Le0pard runs a great series over at his blog where he recalls the first time he saw famous films, including what theatre he went to, and his initial impressions of the movie. I found these posts to be a fascinating read, and asked if he would mind sharing them here…

Lets take a look at a couple of my favorite flicks, as Le0pard takes us back to their theatrical runs!

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Follow Fridays!: Paragraph Film Reviews


And with Friday comes another edition of our blog spotlight series, “Follow Fridays”! This week, it’s Paragraph Film Reviews, the movie blog where you can get your reviews in a single paragraph format!

Click through and check out what they have going on!

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Director Talk: Ridley Scott

Hey everyone, another edition of the “Directors Talk” roundtable (our series where we trade our thoughts on the biggest directors working today) with PG Cooper and Ian the Cool is up!

This time up is director Ridley Scott. Between this, and my two impending Lambcast appearances discussing the Alien franchise and Blade Runner, it’s going to be quite the Ridley Scott festival these next few weeks. LOL. Thank goodness I’m a big fan.

You can read the entire discussion by clicking here!

Follow Fridays: The Warning Sign!

Thank God it’s Friday, people!

Today’s “Follow Fridays” is our buddy Eric, over at “The Warning Sign”.

TWS is a great spot for movie discussion. There’s a healthy commenting community (as many of you know!) and a great opportunity to comment on a wide range of classic films, primarily due to Eric’s decision to select a large number of important/influential flicks, watch ’em, and chronicle the journey.

His “Movie Project”.

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Guest Blogger! Jaina!

Hi my name’s Jaina and I am an online dater. I get a nervous shiver just typing that and feel ever so slightly queasy and embarrassed. But it’s a true fact. What’s this true fact got to do with films? Be patient, I’m getting there!

Over the past couple of years I’ve been dabbling in online dating. It’s led to me quite a lot of first dates. Those kind of first dates where both parties are nervous and probably aren’t totally themselves. They’re full of small talk and niceties just to show you’re not a total loon.

(Seriously, Jaina, when are you going to get to the film stuff!?)

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