Follow Fridays!: Anomalous Materials


Want to know the moment I realized how much A.M. kicks ass?

It was the moment when I asked myself, “Hey, why don’t I ever go to Slashfilm any more?”

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Director Talk – James Cameron

Hey folks. I’ve been super sick over here, so forgive me if I havent been able to post anything new for you all the past few days.

Thankfully, FMR regulars and fellow movie bloggers PG Cooper and Ian the Cool have us covered!

Ian and PG had a cool idea of doing an email roundtable about famous directors, where the three of us discuss their careers, famous films, filmographies, that sort of thing. So the three of us traded emails for a while and Ian collected them up into a post for everyone!

Up first? Mega Blockbuster director James Cameron.

I’ve seen plenty of “roundtable discussions” myself, but had never been a part of one. It was a lot of fun and came out really cool. The plan is to do others in the future, so I hope you’ll check it out! You can find the write up here. Enjoy!

Follow Fridays!: Aidy Reviews

This week’s “Follow Fridays!” is long overdue.

Our buddy Aidy has taken the “Hook us up” campaign to heart and added us to her #checkout series… So I’ve wanted to tell everyone about her blog since I came up with this idea, and today the timing finally works out.

So, please allow me your attention to…Aidy ūüėÄ

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My First Guest Spots!!

Howdy boys and girls.

Just wanted to quickly bring a couple of posts that I did that you might be interested in to your attention.

While our buddy T, “The Focused Filmographer” was on vacation, he asked for people to write guest pieces so he would have content for the week. I was more than happy to oblige, but I had a little fun with it… ¬†since he was going to New York, I decided to reflect on “Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan”.¬†LOL. She’s a real beaut, Clark.

I also made a contribution to “The LAMB Devours the Oscars”, which is the Large Association of Movie Blogs’ ongoing series devoted to covering all of the Oscar nominees. I drew the short straw and got “Best Short Documentary” and didn’t have anything to offer. I didn’t feel it was right to write on something I hadn’t seen. Through the magic of twitter though, our buddy Dylan of Man I Love Films¬†indicated he wouldn’t mind¬†if I took his spot. And so I wound up writing about one of the best films of the year, best picture nominee “The Tree of Life”. ¬†

I’m glad that these posts wound up running relatively closely to each other… I think they provide a nice contrast to each other, and represent my varied interest in movies well. If you’re looking for a good read, if you’re a fan of either of these movies, or if you’d just like to show your support¬†for me and/or the friends of FMR, I hope you’ll check them out!

Follow Fridays!: French Toast Sunday

Thank God it’s Friday!

And Fridays bring another movie blog recommendation from yours truly. Up this week? French Toast Sunday!

This is a bit of “Instant Karma” for Lindsay and the folks over at FTS. At the beginning of the week, they were kind enough to recommend my¬†blog in one of their posts, and I stopped in to check out the backlink. I was instantly impressed with the clean, colorful look of the site, and I wound up reading that they had recently changed their layout!

So.¬†Quid¬†pro quo opportunity? Great new look to plug?¬†Impressive blog with accompanying podcast?¬†A “Follow Fridays!” was¬†a no brainer! Plus, they had a post on their front page recommending Troll 2! Hell ya!!

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Follow Fridays!: Never Too Early Movie Predictions

Happy Friday everyone!! This week’s supersized #FF goes to our buddy NTEMP over at Never Too Early Movie Predictions! NTEMP is clocking the Oscars all year round, and with them coming up right around the corner, now’s the time you want to check out his site in order to stay wired in to all of the latest trends and info…

I leaned heavily on his blog during MAJOR Awards season in order to try to ensure I saw as many movies as I could that were in statuette contention prior to making my own choices. And I’ll tell you this, he had an excellent track record leading up through the nomination process. Kept me WELL informed.

Never Too Early Movie Predictions¬†is pretty much a must read over the next few weeks… click through and I’ll tell you more! ūüėÄ

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Follow Fridays!: Awesomely Shitty

Continuing my Friday series of recommending other blogs and bloggers to everyone.

Up this week? “Awesomely¬†Shitty”. The homecave¬†of our resident curmudgeon, Brikhaus. If you’ve ever wondered why I approve of Brik¬†in spite of his profanity laden bitterness, and his little icon giving us all the finger, well, you’ve probably never gotten the full “Awesomely Shitty” experience!

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The Joy of Sharing Movies – by Philip Chiappini!!

So what makes up a true film fan? Must one be willing to camp on the sidewalk for advanced screening tickets, wear costumes to the theater, or own the entire Criterion Collection in Betamax? While those might be traits of a movie fanatic (or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), I think it’s much more simple than that. To me, anyone who’s love¬†of film defines their personality is a real movie lover. They’re actually pretty easy to spot. They have a well groomed list of favorite movies. Good films fill them with joy, but they’d rather see an absolutely horrendous movie than sit through mediocrity.

Also, they’re most likely avid readers of Fog’s Movie Reviews (wink, wink).

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Follow Fridays!: The Focused Filmographer

Ok, everyone. So I’ve been kicking around ideas for how to promote the blogs and bloggers¬†I like ever since I removed my blogroll. What I’ve come up with is Follow Fridays. Stealing a concept from the twitterverse, I’m going to start a Fridays feature where I recommend a site for you to visit, from amongst the many fine blogs that I frequent and/or the bloggers here who are part of the FMR community.

Up first we have the “Artist formerly known as Sp1der”, aka T aka The Focused Filmographer.


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Me, My Dad, and the Movies – by PG COOPER

Die Hard – A¬†Classic Kid’s Movie¬†

A few weeks ago, I shared an Alfred Hitchcock double feature with my father. We watched Rear Window and Psycho, two films I had never seen before, and films he had only seen in bits and pieces. As expected, we both loved the films and in general had a good time watching them. What I didn’t expect was for Fogs to ask me to write a post on my experience watching the films with my father, and just watching films with my dad in general. I thought it was a great idea, in fact, it kind of annoys me that I didn’t come up with it. So with this, I’m going to explore my past film experiences with my dad, and try to come to some conclusion.