Guest Bloggers

Good morning everyone. I have a new feature that I’m going to be introducing today, hopefully you’ll all enjoy it… I’m going to start occasionally featuring some guest bloggers here.

Not simply to do like a “blogger exchange” though, what I have in mind is that these folks can bring an interesting spin, or angle on movies or being a movie fan than I can. For example, our first guest blogger is “Jersey”, her post is right below this one. I’m sure you’ve all seen her around here. Jersey’s from Italy, so I was curious, what’s it like being a fan of American Movies… yet living in a different country? She was kind enough to write us up a post about it!

See, that’s the kind of thing I find interesting, yet I’d never really be able to come up with myself. So every month or two, we’re going to open the doors for one of our friends, and let them have the floor. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. If you’re one of our visitors here, and you blog yourself, you can email me your ideas at, I’m looking forward to hearing them 😀

Please help me out and be sure to show all of our guests plenty of courtesy, ok? Leave a comment or two, and above all else, give their blogs a click through when you’re done reading! See what they have going on!!


What it’s like to be a fan of American Movies… from Italy. By Jersey!!

Bergamo, Italy. Jersey’s Hometown.

I think that everyone who reads this blog knows the feeling: a new movie you want to see so badly is coming out. Let’s say that it is going to be released in three months. So you start counting down the days, filling the spare time with teasers, trailers, sneak peeks, interviews, etc. Now, picture this: the day has finally come. The entire world can enjoy the movie you’ve been waiting and craving for. Well, actually everyone can, except you… Because your country hasn’t bought it yet, or because it takes another couple of months to dub it (in Italy all foreign movies are dubbed). So teasers, trailers, sneak peeks and whatever, turn into reviews, debates, damn spoilers… This is how life feels like when you’re fond of American movies but you live in Italy.

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