For Your Consideration: Most Prolific

“Most Prolific”

The folks who really crank the content out.

Hell yeah, it’s an honor to be recognized in this category. I’m putting up content daily, often multiple posts in the same day.

Nominees in this category aside from myself include: “Never Too Early Movie Predictions”, “The Matinee”, “Anomalous Material”, and “The Film Emporium”.

Click through to get the lowdown on each of the Nominees for “Most Prolific”!

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For Your Consideration: Best Running Feature

Continuing my series of posts related to the 2012 Lammys, today we have the category of “Best Running Feature”, a category that I received a nomination in for my series “Movies That Everyone Should See”.

I’m really, really honored to be nominated here, as this series is my pride and joy.

I’m definitely up against some stiff competition though, with a field that includes Duke and the Movies, Rachel’s Reel Reviews, True Classics, and Cinematic Paradox.

As planned for each post in this series, I’m going to highlight what each of the nominees in the field have going on, and explain why you should consider me with your vote. Hopefully this will be enlightening for Lammy voters, no matter which way they decide, and for non-Lammies, hopefully this will help you follow along with the action as we go through these next couple of weeks!

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For Your Consideration: Best Community Builder

Normally on Fridays, I like to run my “Follow Fridays” series, where I recommend another movie blog and try to briefly explain why they’re worth checking out. It’s one of the ways that I try to connect everyone, and also a way to try to support other blogger’s efforts.

So I thought today would be a good day to launch my Lammy campaigning, and lead with the category “Best Community Builder / Networking Lamb”. It kind of ties in neatly to what I’d be doing today anyways.

I think everyone here knows that here at FMR we have a great movie discussion/commenting community, but you might not all be familiar with all of the other candidates. This post will give me an opportunity to highlight the other nominees, which will be good for our Non-Lammie readers and help our eligible voter friends have a look at the category and make an informed decision…

For FMR, of course! 😀 Read on!

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I’d be honored if you’d consider FMR for your Lammy Nominations!

Hey everyone, how’s it going?

The 2012 Lammys kicked off officially last night, and I wanted to make my post today an appeal to my fellow Lammies for their consideration for nominations.

I’m sure everyone knows by now that I’m a huge fan of the LAMB, and that I’ve tried to be very involved since I joined up.

I know that several Lammies frequent FMR, and that others will be stopping by to check it out due to my campaigning. Everyone knows I’m not shy about self-promoting anyways LOL, so I wanted to take some time, break down the categories that I might stand a chance in, and briefly set out some qualifications, shamelessly plug myself, and hopefully earn your nominations!! 😀

Read on!

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The 2012 Summer Movie Preview, Part 2

Summer, summer, summertime…
Time to sit back and unwind

Alright people, here we go! The exciting conclusion to the 2012 Summer Movie Preview! Let’s see what July and August have in store for us… 

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The 2012 Summer Movie Preview, Part 1


The apex of the movie year.

The Season SO BIG, that previewing it requires two posts.

Oh yes, oh yes.

Here’s a preview of the most anticipated movies of this Summer. Today, we’ll take a look at May and June. Tomorrow, July and August.

Click through, and let’s see what’s in the cooler for the Summer of 2012!

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The (title pending) Movie Podcast 80s Movie Draft


Alright, alright!

The time is here! The podcast is up, people have had a head start to listen spoiler free… now is the time to VOTE and determine who the winner was in the first ever (title pending) Movie Podcast 80s Movie Draft. Click through for a complete list of the rosters, weigh your choices, and then cast your vote!

YOU’RE going to decide who the winner was! Our fate is in your hands!

We recognize that listening to the podcast is not a pre-requisite for voting… anyone can click through, check out the teams, and then cast their vote. But it was a great show, and we’ve been getting a lot of very positive feedback, I highly encourage you to take a listen! 😀 You can download it here, or look for us on iTunes! If you don’t have the time, please feel free to participate anyways… we’d love to have your input!

In the meantime, let the best team win. We’ll keep this poll open until Monday night, at 10:00 est so that Tank and I can discuss the results during our next taping.

So, click through, read the lineups, and you tell us…


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Greetings Freshly Pressed Visitors!

Hello, Freshly Pressed visitors! Thanks for checking out my blog!

I’m glad that you clicked through to the front page to see a little bit more about it beyond the Stallone/Schwarzenegger debate, and I’m sorry – I really am – that I closed that poll before you could vote!

While you’re here though, I hope you’ll find some things you like. I try to review the biggest new releases every week, and post reviews. For example, this last week, I hit all three major releases: “Lockout“, “The Three Stooges” and “The Cabin in the Woods“…

Each week, I take a look back at classics via my series “Movies That Everyone Should See” you can take a look through that category by clicking the link above, or scroll down and have a look at the sidebar on the right for some examples, and just click the posters!

I also co-host a weekly movie podcast! The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs! You can check that out here… give it a listen, I think you’ll like it!

But the big thrill of my site is trying to get interesting movie discussions going every week! Each week, in my “Tossin’ It Out There” posts, I bring up a movie related topic of discussion, and let people have their say! Click the link above, check out some of the topics, and share your thoughts! We have a GREAT crew of commenters that come through every week, I hope you’ll join in!! 😀

So. Joke’s on me then, huh?

Allegedly… I may have… apparently overstated my feelings, mildly, about “Robocop”‘s artistic merits yesterday, theoretically thinking that people would NOT accept it as a Movie That Everyone Should See.

I expected a much higher degree of “ROBOCOP”?? from people than I got, seeing as I wound up getting precisely NONE. I was very carefully manning the comments all day, expecting to have to “Unapprove” people calling it out as a joke… and only had to do that once.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy “Robocop” as much as the next guy, but I feel its more of a Cheesetatsic Classic than an MTESS. There were a lot of things in there I found hard to “type with a straight face”.

Apparently though, I’m the fool.

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Directors Talk: Christopher Nolan

Hey everyone! It’s time for another round of “Directors Talk”, the roundtable series of discussion about today’s biggest directors that I participate in with Ian and PG Cooper.

This time up on the agenda It’s Christopher Nolan, the current steward of the Batman franchise. His “The Dark Knight Rises” is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Of course, his filmography is not limited to the Batman series, as he’s also the man behind such legendary movies as “Inception”, “The Prestige” and “Memento”.

Click “Continue Reading” to check out our awesome roundtable!

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