Tossin’ It Out There: Do YOU collect movies?

dvd_collection_lit_smallA comment from FMR regular Al Tanski, and a suggestion a little while back for a (title pending) discussion from fellow blogger Ian the Cool brought me to today’s “Tossin’ it out There” question.

Do YOU collect movies?

All of us here are movie fans to one degree or another. For some of us that means massive collections of DVDs and Blu Rays, but others are content to go to the theatre, rent and watch on cable.

Even if you DO collect, some people (like Al) take pride in the purity of their collection, only buying films that meet a quality standard, or hold a personal place for them. While others (like me) treat their collection like a junk repository, just putting any old disc they can get their hands on in there until they have an unwieldy wall (no, that pic is NOT my collection).

So how about you? Do YOU collect movies? Are you still buying DVDs, or have you gone Blu Ray? How do you organize them? Do you have any kind of criteria before adding a movie, or is it just spur of the moment?

Let’s hear it!!

Daniel Fogarty


Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of JJ Abrams directing the next Star Wars movie?

AbramsWord broke last week that JJ Abrams will be handed the reigns of the first Disney owned Star Wars production, the as yet untitled Star Wars VII. Obviously, this was a huge story and the internet exploded.

I want to know what YOU think. As a producer, Abrams has made a number of famous television projects and a couple of films, but as a director his filmography really boils down to three films, “Mission Impossible III”, “Star Trek”, and “Super 8” (with another Star Trek film pending).

What do YOU think? Is that enough? Are you excited over the announcement? Does your geek brain recoil at the cross-over between the Star Trek and Star Wars universes? Do you think we’ll be able to WATCH a lightsaber duel with all that lens flaring?

Let us hear it!

Daniel Fogarty

Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Most Anticipated Movie of 2013?

2013-WallpaperWell, folks, now that the MAJOR Awards are behind us, we can put 2012 to bed for good. A brand new movie year has already begun, full of promise. All the best of and worst of lists reset, as an entirely new release schedule awaits.

What 2013 movie has you excited? Which one(s) are you anticipating most? Is it one of the many Superhero films we’ll be getting (we have new offerings pending this year from Superman, Iron Man, Wolverine and Thor)? How about some of the big sequels, like “Anchorman 2”, “Star Trek into Darkness” or the next chapters of “The Hobbit” or “The Hunger Games”? There are original offerings in the mix, too. Tom Cruise’s “Oblivion” has been heavily promoted of late, M Night Shyamalan tries to resurrect his failing status by working with Will Smith and son in “After Earth”, and Stallone and Schwarzenegger are due to reunite in “The Tomb.”

For reference, complete lists of known 2013 releases can be found on Wikipedia, here, and at Box Office Mojo, here!

So let’s hear it, what are YOUR Most Anticipated movies of 2013? Which movies are YOU looking forward to the most?

Daniel Fogarty

Tossin’ It Out There: What Was YOUR Favorite Movie in 2012?

untitledHappy 2013, everyone! 2012 is officially in our rearview mirror!

Now is the time to look back at the year that was. Everyone everywhere is posting their end of the year best and worsts and top tens (I’ll be posting my plans tomorrow), and I figured I’d give FMR commenters their say!

What was YOUR favorite movie of 2012? Didn’t have to be seen in the theatre… but, let’s stick with the 2012 releases, though!

It was a huge year for movies. My top 10 list could easily (very easily) be a top 15. Somewhere along the line some excellent movies are going to fail to make the cut. How about you though? What was YOUR favorite? I know some people will be anxious to share more than one, that’s fine, feel free. But I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions on the best movies of the year, so let’s have ’em!

What was YOUR favorite Movie of 2012?

Daniel Fogarty

Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Christmas Movie?

its_a_wonderful_lifeWhat’s going on everyone? It’s that time of year, time to break out the Christmas songs… and movies.

Yes, movies revolving around Christmas are practically a genre unto themselves. It’s a narrow field compared to some of our other discussions, but it’s still a discussion worth having.

What’s your favorite? Do you lean towards the classics, like “Miracle on 34th Street”, or do you prefer the more modern, like “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”? Do you need to visit one version or another of “A Christmas Carol” every year?

Let’s hear it! What’s YOUR Favorite Christmas Movie?

A quick note: For those of our friends who don’t celebrate Christmas, please feel free to bring up any holiday themed film you’d like. Not that it’s fair, but I was at a loss to come up with enough films to justify changing the topic to the more generic “Holiday” movies 😦 . Feel free to help me out 😉

Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Poster?

poster113A little while back, over at The Focused Filmographer, our buddy T shared a series of great sketch posters for the IMAX release of “The Hobbit” in his weekly series “New Posters of the Week”. I was really impressed by them… thought they were very cool.

Then, this weekend, watching the special features for “Back to the Future”, they were discussing how fortunate they were to have gotten the movie poster that they did… how the image of Marty looking at his watch while stepping out of (or into) the Delorean became as iconic as the film itself.

Back_to_the_Future_PosterI think we’ve all owned a movie poster or two in our day, I know I have a handful up, myself. They’ve become a huge part of the film industry… there are even posters of older movies being made now as art! Mondo posters, minimalist posters, posters for limited re-releases… you’ve seen the ones.

So which are you favorites? What’s YOUR favorite movie poster? Do you or have you owned any? I realize that commenters can’t post images, but, time willing, I’ll help out for those who want to leave a link to the poster they’re referring to, and I’ll save it as a file and upload it so we don’t have to hotlink. Let’s keep the quantities reasonable, though, shall we? 😉

Let’s hear it people! What are Your Favorite Movie Posters?!

Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Murder?

dial_m_for_murderLots of killing this weekend at the Box Office. Both new movies were killtaculars… the mob movie “Killing Them Softly” featured a couple of hits, and the story revolved around the planning and prep of said hits, while “The Collection” basically showcases a psychopath busy slaughtering.

Murder, and lesser violence, is a big part of film. Danger sets up suspense, and there’s no bigger danger than the loss of life. Thus it winds up making its way into the movies frequently.

Today, we’ll take a trip to the dark side and discuss our favorite instances of murder on film. It’s such a huge part of film, there should be NO shortage of potential answers. From classics (such as the “Psycho” shower scene or the strangulation of Luca Brasi), to the comedic (I have to confess, “American Psycho” cracks me up) to the contemporary (hey never too early for “The Collection” to make the cut!) there will be hundreds and hundreds of potential answers to choose from.

Who’s a sickie? Who really wants to play today? Anyone with guilt issues want to object? Let’s hear it! What’s YOUR favorite movie murder?!

Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Team?

This weekend’s release of “Rise of the Guardians” saw a movie team up of Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, The Sandman, The Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost. Together they formed “The Guardians” and fought against “Pitch”, better known to us all as The Boogeyman.

It was quite an imaginative team up, and put me in the mind to ask about teams for this week’s discussion.

With the golden age of Superhero movies upon us, there’s obviously no shortage of Superhero team movies X-Men, Fantastic Four, and The Avengers have had theirs already, with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Justice League soon to come. But teams in movies have certainly preceded superheros. From the Magnificent Seven to Force 10 from Navarone to the Dirty Dozen, there are plenty of classic teams to choose from. The Fellowship of the Ring, the Scooby Doo gang, the Ocean’s 11 gang, team movies keep getting made, too.

The judges will be lenient this week to accommodate discussion, so even if your team doesn’t technically have a NAME, if you can argue they make a “team” go for it. The Rebel Alliance gang of Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, the droids, etc? Sure! The Harry Potter kids? Wellllll… you’d need to talk me into it, but you see where I’m going. 😀

So let’s hear it! Who’s YOUR favorite movie team?!

Tossin It Out There – What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Moment Involving Food?

Ok, folks. Thanksgiving is right around the corner… and that means a bunch of FOOD. Eatin’s. Mmmmm.

So I thought we’d turn today’s topic to the subject of food. Will it be a tricky one? Maybe… but let’s try to come up with our favorite scenes or moments from movies involving eating, or food.

Plenty of comedies deal in food… obviously, there’s the food fight in Animal House. Spicoli ordering a pizza in class. The lunch scene in the Breakfast Club. But horror goes there too. How about the dinner scene in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or the octopus scene in Old Boy? There’s plenty of dramatic scenes that happen at the dinner table… American Beauty has a family dinner scene from hell, for example. Jack Nicholson tells Helen Hunt “You make me want to be a better man” over dinner.

“Look Mr Frodo. Lembas!”

😀 There’s tons of ammunition out there for you today, and I promise the judges will be lenient. So let’s hear it! What are YOUR favorite movie scenes involving food?!

Tossin’ It Out There: Who’s YOUR Favorite Movie Character?

On last week’s (title pending), Tank brought up the idea of favorite movie characters, and I was caught unprepared. There are SO many! Every movie brings another five to ten into play, but even if there’s just one decent one each movie, that’s still an enormous field of potential candidates. Granted, there’s only a handful of memorable characters a year, but as the decades roll by, they pile up!

Indy, Hannibal Lecter, Maximus, Ripley, Peter Venkman, I could rattle off dozens, without even thinking. Ferris Bueller, John McClane, Harry Potter… seriously, there are millions.

Who’s YOUR favorite? What character is most memorable for you? Why? What makes you prefer them to others? It’s a great discussion topic because there have been so many great ones over the years, populating so many great movies.

Let’s hear what your choices are! Who’s YOUR favorite movie character?