Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Vehicle?

With the release of “Premium Rush” and “Hit and Run” this past weekend focusing prominently on bikes and cars, respectively, Tank and I turned our (title pending) topic of discussion last night to movie vehicles. We had a blast talking about our favorite cars and bikes and boats from the movies.

I thought I’d bring it over to our Tossin’ It Out There topic this week as well. What’s YOUR favorite movie vehicle? Can be anything. Big fan of the bus from Speed? Knock yourself out. The Titanic? She’s all you (a little too disaster prone for my tastes). Got a particular fondness for a movie car? This is your chance to talk it out!

Let’s hear it! What’s YOUR favorite movie vehicle?


Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Tony Scott Film?

Tony Scott (1944–2012)

Yesterday morning brought the new of the tragic suicide of Director Tony Scott. His motivations are still being speculated upon, but one thing is for certain, it’s a sad and unfortunate event.

Scott had his share of lesser works, and with them, his share of detractors. “The Taking of Pelham 123” wasn’t very well received, and “Unstoppable”, though serviceable, wasn’t quelling the derision.

But I prefer to reflect on all the very good movies he gave us, along with a couple of greats.

Whether it was cheesy action flicks such as “Top Gun”, “Days of Thunder” or “The Last Boy Scout”, or thrillers such as “Crimson Tide” and “Enemy of the State”, Scott had a flair for creating entertaining films. “Revenge” is a solid revenge movie, and “Man on Fire” may as well be about one of the horseman of the Apocalypse. “Beverly Hills Cop II” is a decent, worthy sequel, considering the original was so classic.

And of course, the Quentin Tarantino scripted, supercharged “True Romance”. A titan in the “Low Level Crime Drama” genre.

Which was your favorite movie of his? Were you a fan of his work? I thought, out of respect, that his movies should be our topic of conversation today…

Tossin’ It Out There: What’s your favorite “Senior” character or movie?

With the release of “Hope Springs” last weekend, and the upcoming release of “Expendables 2” next weekend, I wound up getting the idea for this week’s “Tossin’ It Out There”.

There’s been a number of actors and actresses who aged gracefully on the screen. And seeing as older parts are scarcer, they tend to go to the top actors and actresses. So while the parts and storylines may not be as plentiful, they make up for it in quality.

But what’s been your favorite? Which character… or movie… would you call the best? Something with Clint Eastwood? Jack Nicholson? Sucker for “On Golden Pond”, or is it “Grumpy Old Men”?

“Tossin’ It Out There” goes grey today, let’s hear it! Who’s YOUR favorite on-screen senior citizen?

Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think is the Worst Remake ever?

This weekend’s release of “Total Remake” put the subject of remakes on my mind. Unfortunately, unlike Doug Quaid, I can’t go to Rekall and have my memory altered.

Because often times, remakes are stank wreckage washing up on the shores of the megaplex… sucking some dollars up out of audiences and then skulking back out to the sea of unoriginality. Occasionally remakes are good,for sure. Sometimes even great. But more often than not this past decade or so has brought soulless knockoff after soulless knockoff.

And it doesn’t matter if the original was a classic or not. Beyond “Total Recall”, Hollywood has given us “New” versions of “Arthur”, “Planet of the Apes”, “Fame”, “Guess who’s Coming to Dinner”, “Psycho”, “Straw Dogs”,”The Omen” and “The Pink Panther” just to name a few, with none of them holding a candle to the original.

I’m guessing that at some point there was some remake that bugged YOU, too. Which one was it? Which remake do YOU think is the worst? Does “The Day the Earth Stood Still” piss you off? Or maybe it’s Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”s. Does the “Stepford Wives” remake leave you feeling like you’re the one without a soul? LOL.

Whichever one it is, let us hear it! Which Remake do YOU think is the worst?


Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Dance Scene?

This past weekend’s “Step Up Revolution” brought the subject of dancing in movies to mind, and I thought it might make for an interesting topic for discussion.

Dancing has been a part of film since its earliest days. Rudolph Valentino became a huge star by dancing the tango in “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” in 1921… and obviously dancing in films is still going strong. John Travolta is famed for his dances in “Saturday Night Fever” and “Pulp Fiction”. Chaning Tatum  in “Step Up” and “Magic Mike”. Some stars get strongly associated with dancing in movies. There’s no doubt in my mind that the extraordinary dancing in “The Artist” halped Jean Dujardin capture Oscar gold this last year…

So what’s your fave? Napolean Dynamite and his D-Qwon’s Dance Moves? Or Nina’s ballet performances in “Black Swan”? Perhaps you’re old school and prefer some Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers? Whatever it is, let’s hear it! What’s YOUR Favorite dance in the movies?

Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie would YOU change?

Everyone has some movie that irks them in some way. It would have been good if only____

Some change or improvement you’d like to make, or some disappointment you’d like to eliminate…

Maybe you’d like to go back to “The Phantom Menace” and digitally erase Jar Jar Binks. How about taking Mickey Rooney out of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Maybe you want Leo to live at the end of “Titanic” or killed Sam Witwicky at some point during Transformers? What if “Aliens 3” were set on Earth, or if “The Village” didn’t have that twistless twist at the end of it, or if Neo didn’t bring his powers into the “real world” at the end of the Matrix trilogy.

Whatever it is, everyone has some element they’d change. Some movie element that irks them. What’s yours? Which movie(s) would YOU change if you could?

Hindsight is 20/20! Let’s hear which movies you wish they had gotten right the first time around!

Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie props would YOU like to own?

One of the things I saw a LOT of at Comic-Con this week were screen worn costumes and authentic movie props. From Rocky’s gloves to Wolverine’s claws, there were tons and tons of props. Costumes too. Superman, Jor-El, Edward Scissorhands, Hellboy, Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X’s wheelchair… there’s more too, I mean, the place is loaded with them. Actual vehicles, too. The Batmobiles were on display, and the Bat Cycle was inside, as was KITT from Knight Rider and a rotating display of Bond vehicles.

Which got me thinking about this this week’s “Tossin’ it out there”. If money were no object, and you could own any prop from any movie ever… what would it be? Would it be “The Ruby Slippers”? They recently sold for $2 million. How about Indy’s whip, or hat? THE Maltese Falcon? The Milenium Falcon? It’s an endless list. So many awesome choices available to you. Maybe you’d want the actual costumes. Belushi’s toga, or Heath Ledger’s Joker costume. Vehicles more your thing? How about Brando’s motorcycle or Ecto One or Bond’s Aston Martin?

Money is no object when it’s all just make-believe folks, let’s hear it! What Movie Prop would YOU want to own?

Tossin’ It Out There: Where would YOU go if you could vacation in a Movie?

So. I have Vacation on the brain this week (not sure why :D), and I thought that that would make a decent topic for the week.

If you could take a vacation within a movie… where would you go?

Would you visit the forest of Endor, dance some Yub Yub with the Ewoks? Maybe you’d like to chill out at the Blue Lagoon. Always dreamed of visiting Wally World and having the park all to yourself?

Let’s turn FMR into Rekall today. You can book a trip to anywhere to do anything. Want to fly the Top Gun fighter planes? Take a cruise on the Titanic, without it sinking? Maybe you’d like to visit Wonderland, or take a trip through Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, or turn the clock back and visit 1920s Paris, with Gil Pender…

Wherever it might be, the choice is up to you. If you could take a vacation in a movie, where would YOU go?

Tossin’ It Out There: Which Movie or Franchise would YOU Reboot / Remake?

How’s everybody doing, today? Good I hope? Good…

We have a big new movie opening today, “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Word on the street has been pretty positive so far, but the thing that “Amazing Spider-Man” has been most notable for to this point was for being a “reboot”.

I believe it was “Batman Begins” that launched the term “Reboot”. They weren’t remaking a single movie as much as they were restarting the franchise. It was a subtle distinction, but it made sense. Time had passed since the last Batman installment, people were eager to have the franchise back, and Nolan and Bale put out a great picture.

Other reboots quickly followed. James Bond (which had actually been rebooting before the term “reboot” even meant anything), Hulk, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes… they started to come hot and heavy.

But they were still commingled in with the endless stream of Hollywood remakes. Hollywood loves to put out movies whose names already have a foothold, the thinking being that half of their marketing work is already done. So there’s a constant parade of films from the past either relaunching, or being remade directly. There seems to be no bounds, I’ve even heard that a Jaws remake has been being kicked around… 

But it’s not ALWAYS a bad thing. The word is that this Spider-Man movie might be really good. And hey, “Spider-Man 3” was awful. There have been a lot of great films that were actually remakes. I didn’t know until a couple of weeks ago that “The Maltese Falcon” was a remake. “3:10 to Yuma”, “The Fly”, “The Thing (’82)”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “The Departed”, there have been a lot of excellent movies that were remakes.

So my question to you is, which movies would you like to see remade, and/or what franchise would you like to see get a reboot? Maybe they weren’t that good and deserve a mulligan, or maybe the special effects could use some modernizing, maybe you’d just like to see the story retold for a new generation. Perhaps the franchise is just dormant and you’d like to see it spring back to life again.

What ever the reasoning, let’s hear it. What movies/franchise would you like to see remade/rebooted?

Tossin’ It Out There: Which Movie Character Would YOU Elect Leader

With the release of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, my natural inclination was to have this week’s discussion topic be “Who was your favorite movie President”. But that’s such a narrow field of movies, I think it would have really made for a lame thread…

Instead, I thought, well what if people could elect anybody? You could take any character from any movie for any reason, and have like a write-in-ballot for them for the greatest office in your respective countries… President, Prime Minister, etc.

I certainly don’t wish to devolve this into a political debate, but who would you elect, and why? What characteristics do they have that you think would lend to them making a good ruler? If you were campaigning for them, how would you sell others on your candidate?

Maybe you’d like to see John McClane in office, due to his fortitude and courage, or maybe you’d like to see Judy Dench’s M get a promotion. Maybe you’d like to see The Dude in charge! Morgan Freeman was President once already in movies (Deep Impact), perhaps you’d like to see him get re-elected!  

Whoever it is, let’s hear it! Which movie character would YOU like to elect leader?