I Need YOUR Help

At this point, the majority of the visitors this blog gets are friends and family. I KNOW most of you. So, I know you’d all like to help, you probably just didn’t know I NEEDED help, or that you COULD help. But yes, I need your help. I need help to grow and build this site into a better place for all of us. Polls are better when there’s lots of votes. Posts are better when there’s lots of comments. I want to hear counterpoints. I’d like my jokes to lead to other jokes. I need to get feedback on my reviews. You have to trust me when I say that a larger community swinging through here will help this place become more enjoyable for everyone.

But I can’t do it alone. Trust me when I tell you that every single thing I can be doing, I’m doing. If I see something somewhere to the effect of “How to grow your blog” or “How to increase traffic”, believe me, I’m trying it.

So here’s how you can help me in my efforts.


Essentially, this is the modern version of a friend telling a friend. Don’t worry about “spamming” anyone – I mean, god, people post all kinds of crap on their Facebook pages. And personally? I love it. I love seeing the random flotsam of my newsfeed. This person wants to save shelter animals, this one likes old heavy metal videos, here’s a pic of someone fixing up a car. There’s no sanctity to it. All you’re saying is, “hey, I’m enjoying this… maybe you would too”.

When you post to your Facebook pages, you’re helping me to get the site in front of people I would otherwise never be able to tell about it. Listen, no matter how tight we are, our friends list is NOT identical. So who knows? Maybe you’d be the one to bring in a valuable contributor to our community! Or at the least, you’d have another friend you knew who was visiting the blog.

You’ll find the Facebook symbol at the bottom of any full post (not the front page excerpts). Click it and you’ll be guided through the rest of the way.


Whenever I make a new post, my blog automatically sends out a Tweet with a shortened link back to the article. A retweet is a couple of clicks away, and an easy way to share the link to the post with your friends and followers!

If you like visiting here, they probably will too! So help give them that opportunity by sharing!!


The StumbleUpon symbol is located right near the Facebook symbol at the bottom of every full post. The first time you use it, you’ll have to “sign up” by creating a username and password and giving an email address. I think, though that this is a process that every internet user is familiar with by now. Once you do that the first time, it’s super easy to hit the stumble button and toss my page into the pool of randomness for new visitors to “Stumble Upon”.


The Reddit symbol is also located at the end of every post. It’s also a site that requires a registration.

But the Reddit community is not random… by posting a link there, you’re putting a post out in front of movie lovers who are actively looking for good write ups to read. The people who come through are interested and motivated…helping me spread the word on Reddit is a great way to help grow our community!


I’ve spoken to a lot of you personally about this, and I’ve heard what you’re saying. You don’t feel you have anything to add. You don’t really have anything to say. You came to read, not write. But I’ll tell you this. No matter what you write. No matter how inconsequential it is, whether it’s “Thanks” or, “Heh, funny” or “What are you an asshole?” No matter what it is you leave for a comment, you’re adding a +1 to the little comment counter by the top of every post “headline”.

FMR has a healthy, active, commenting community now thanks to all the people who are willing to share their opinions. But if all of them were just reading… this would be a really dull place! I encourage you to join in the discussion. Everyone here loves movies, why dont you let us hear what you have to say!


After all of that…. The best person you can bring to the site is “future you”. My goal is to update the site with at least one entry everyday. So if a person were to make the blog a normal part of their surfing routine, and checked back in at the same time every day, there would always be at least one post there they hadn’t read yet. Now. Will I accomplish that? Probably not, but I’m gonna try like hell. And I certainly can’t guarantee that all days’ content will be created equal. But I will be posting frequently, so stop back on a regular basis.

By using the “Sign Me Up” button on the right hand side of the front page, you can get email alerts whenever I post a new entry to the site.

If you’ve made it this far into this post, I want to thank you. It’s not easy listening to a man beg. Believe me, begging’s no fun either. But I believe in what I’m doing here. I have confidence in myself as a writer, and so many people are reaffirming that for me. I’ve seen so many successful blogs out there that I totally know that it’s a possibility for this one.

I’m just going to need a little help.



50 thoughts on “I Need YOUR Help

  1. Dig your blog. Critique of site overall: 1) tweak headline to ” Fog’s… ” so that the first word to reader isn’t confusing until reader views ‘about’ 2) put second headline above graphic if possible so viewer can start 3) maybe link each movie poster in top banner to separate page discussion for each classic movie. I may be overstepping; if so, apologies. Look forward to future posts.

    • No preblem, I appreciate feedback.

      But 1) My nickname is FogS. Not Fog. Thus the proper pluralization is Fogs’ with the apostrophe outside the letters. However, I thought that would be even more confusing…

      I dunno, maybe.

  2. i’ve listed down my favorite 7 movies in my wordpress. if you are interested, just get a quick look to see whether you share any one 🙂

    • Ian, thanks. I looked into it quickly, and I’m going to have to look into how to do it. I promise I’ll put one up, I’m sure its possible. Maybe, seeing as you’re wordpress, too, you know where it is or how its done?

      As you can imagine, its a bit hectic around here right now. LOL! But I’m always looking for ways to improve my blog, and certainly if someone WANTS to subscribe, I want to do everything I can to accomodate. So give me this weekend, and by then, I promise it’ll be up!

  3. I have never commented before (I’m an old lady) but I am starting to get interested in blogging so I am reading random ones to see how people are going. Good luck with your blog!

  4. Cool – just follow our blog and we are all set to go. We started up on Twitter a while ago and still only have 216 followers. We have some bigger names though (some members of the Elvis Duran Show) so I guess it is quality over quantity…lol.

  5. Hey Fog,
    Do you think that you could do a Top 5 or Top 10 recent Horror films say since 1998?
    I’ve just got into Horror films and watched theother day “Drag me to Hell” which was awesome. I have “The Skeleton Key” next on my list waiting to be watched.
    Q: Would I have to watch “Saw” from the very 1st one?
    Much appreciated, Imogen.

    • Hi Immie… sure, I can hook you up.

      In no particular order (since 1998 right?)

      Blair Witch Project
      Paranormal Acvtivity
      The Ring
      Dawn of the Dead (The Z Snyder remake)
      28 Days Later
      Let The Right One In (The original, not the American Remake)

      Those are just some of the big ones of the top of my head. I can come up with more later if need be and I have this funny feeling that the topic will turn to horror movies this month somehow around here. LOL

      In terms of “Saw”, I deliberately never watched anything except the first. The first was an excellent, original, low budget little suspense/horror flick. I liked it a lot and I have it in my top 250 on my flickchart… But I had no interest in seeing them take the main character/idea and churn out a series based on it. I think the fact that they eventually got to 6 or 7 of them shows they weren’t exactly worried about quality as much as quantity. But the first one? HIGHLY recommended.

      Drag me to hell WAS a lot of fun wasnt it? The Skeleton Key is ok, (dont recall too strongly one way or the other) I didn’t think it was too scary though.

  6. Ahhh Thank you very much Fog. I’ve written the list down and will have a search for them. So this month may be a Horror month? That would be a neat idea 😉 . Sounds like the directors are sqeezing as much as they can from the Saw phenomenom until there’s no juice left; I thought it would be best to watch the first one so thanks for verifying that for me. I’m going to watch “The Skeleton Key” tonight as it’s a Library DVD. I’ve heard that “Blair Witch Project” is meant to be v-e-r-y scarey. “The Ring” I have heard of but not “Let the Right One in” which sounds very good just from the title. So thank you very much, your input is much appreciated! Immie 🙂

  7. Hi there,
    love the blog especially the random rants and James Bond: Classic, Cheese, or Crap (although I’d have to disagree with you and say Quantum of Solace was pretty crap!)
    Also enjoying the movies that everyone should see posts (we’re doing a similar thing over on our blog: http://inside-film.com/must-see-films/ so check it out if you get a chance!)
    Anyway, I look forward to more posts. Do you have a facebook page? Are you on twitter?
    If so, post links please.

    Cheers, Frank

    • Thanks Frank. I’ll stop by soon. Yes, I’m on Twitter and Facebook. You can find the links to sign up for either or both on the right hand side of the front page. Should be easy enough!

  8. You need to add some “chick flicks”. Films everyone should see: Some Kind of Wonderful, Steel Magnolias, While you Were Sleeping, The Notebook, On Golden Pond, Rudy, Point of No Return, Pride and Prejudice, Sea Biscuit….. just some of my favorites 🙂

  9. Hey Fog, you could do so much with this Blog (I’m subscribed btw ! but am not on fb or twit) You don’t necessarily have to post everyday, maybe 4 x week and focus like you said to me, on a specific Genre each week/fortnight/month. There’s loads out there which you don’t need me to tell you…but you have got a pretty cool site going here and I mean that. The list could be endless on Genres…Chick Flicks like 1 reader mentioned, Cult Classics, Classic Westerns, Horror!, and even Directers like the Cohen brothers’ films or Spielberg and Tarantino and so on….I have already put you in my Blogroll weeks ago so that’s my bit; just remember Blogs take time to grow. You got a neat loking site esp with the header! so just don’t lose faith, your audience will grow. Immie 🙂

    • Thanks Immie. I appreciate your advice.

      Yeah, I really need to update this page. It’s a couple of months old now, and already things are drastcially different. Youre right, given time and effort, they definitely grow.

      There’s a LOT still ahead to discuss… 😀 We’ll get around to all of that stuff. and thanks to a small scale “Facebook Campaign” LOL we’ll launch into Chickflicks with a poll. Tomorrow. No kidding.

      Always fun to have you stop by!!

  10. Ahhhh great! Facebook campaign and a resulting poll…sounds good. Just to let you know…I started watching the first Saw and I just lost interest. You were dead right about it being a low budget film, I thought the acting was terrible but at least now I can say I have seen one of them. And if this one I review it as not too good, then I really hate to think what the subsequent ones were like. The Ring or Blair Witch is next.

    Just an added note…it took me about 4 attempts, more really, to be happy with my Blogs layout. I kept revamping it until I found a theme I was happy with and I’m new to this too so don’t lose heart..it will all come together. What kept me going is the advice of WordPress themselves that a Blogs audience takes time to grow. And keep the title… Fogs’ sounds good!

    • Well, I dont want to give away any spoilers, but it doesnt sound as if you watched Saw all the way through to the end?

      I’d definitely check out the rest of it… Just to say you gave it a fair shake. 😉

  11. Ok Fogs I will give it another bash and watch it right through to the end. I was pretty tired that day so that may have been something to do with my inability to watch it properly. And thank you for not spoiling but at least now I know that there is something good to come !! Speak to ya soon, Immie 🙂

  12. Hey Fog, gave it another go and yes it was worth it…however (I’m one of these people) did the end mean that the game just carries on from the last one that was left? But if that’s the case then what about the barbed-wire guy and the burnt guy and was the pretend shot guy the ‘JigSaw’ himself? Told ya-I’m one of those people so any explanation will do please ! Immie 🙂

    • Well, glad you watched it all the way through… See? It got better, right? The end was a good one.

      I never watched II. Like I said originally, I thought the first one was very unique, low budget, sweet twist. And then I could tell they were just going to churn these out with Jigsaw playing new games on and on and on. LOL How many did they make? 6?

      So I cant say if the game continues, although movie blogging may force me to eventually see the sequels.

      I CAN tell you that yes (SPOILER FOR SAW) the “dead guy” who got up off of the floor at the end of the movie was, indeed Jigsaw. He had set most of the game up to be remote controlled, timed, etc etc, and then watched what he was doing to these two men firsthand. It was a very clever ending, I thought. Surpised me when I first saw it, I know that!!

    • Oh. And please. No worries about being any “type of people” or anything like that. Ask whatever you like!! 😀

      Just recognize, that sometimes, I have to answer “I dont know” 😦 LOL

  13. You have expanded so well, that I just recently tapped into this section. Have to say that ” Blair Witch” was the most frightening movie for me because it could happen “in real life’ to anyone of us. Good job on expanding!!!

    • You’re all over the place now, huh? 😀

      Growing, for sure. Big week this last week with the awards. Lots of new faces swinging through, hopefully people will stick around and hang out!

      I need to revise this page… its a little out of date, to be honest.

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