Jack and Jill

It’s dull, it’s dumb, it predictably tries to turn into a “tug at the heartstrings” type movie along the way. Adam Sandler isn’t just ugly as hell in drag, he makes his “sister” character a shrill, annoying, emotionally fragile nightmare of a character.

But maybe I’ve just run out of hyperbole for the weekend, maybe I’m just happy a movie tries to entertain after the waterboarding that was “J. Edgar”, maybe I’m just happy to still be sane after watching “Immortals”.

Whatever it is, I’m feeling merciful here, sorry if that disappoints anyone.

While it’s FAR from recommendable, by any strecth of the imagination, it’s not the horrifying F minus minus of a movie that I thought it would be.

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News Worth Sharing: Gangsta, Gangsta! A new “Scarface” and an N.W.A. biopic are on their way


So. During the blog’s impromptu “Lebowski Fest” the past couple of days, I didn’t get an opportunity to share the news about two upcoming movies I’ve heard about. Both involving gangsters.

The first is a new “Scarface” movie planned by Universal.

The second is an N.W.A. biopic, tentatively titled after their debut album, “Straight Outta Compton”

One of these makes me giddy with anticipation, the other tests my gag reflex. See if you can guess which one is which. The answer, after the break.

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