Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Brad Pitt?

Yesterday, it was reported that Brad Pitt intends to retire from acting within three years, by the age of 50.

While he didn’t specifically say what his intentions were for his post acting career, he did tell reporters that he was enjoying producing and that he and Angelina Jolie may not be finished building their own third world country adopting children.

After seeing him in Moneyball, this news is relatively shocking to me. It seemed as though he was ready to take on some different roles, some bigger acting challenges, etc, etc and I really have a hard time believeing that he would just walk away from it all when he still has so much in the tank. Of course, you know how these things go, it could just be an off handed comment or thought that got over reported, it could be something he intends now but will never wind up following through with, or he could try it, realize how much he misses it, and be back in front of the camera within a few years.

Regardless, it’s a good subject for “Tossin’ It Out There” – not necessarily just on the news, although if you like of course, you may.

But I was thinking more the man himself, his movies, his career, how he and Angelina have a baby farm, that type of stuff. Just in general I’ve been thinking that there’s only so many ways to ask “What’s your favorite movie”, so as we go along here, mixing in “what do you think” of certain superstars and┬ádirectors will make for good discussions.

So what do you think? Brad Pitt? Overrated pretty boy? Underrated as an actor? What’s your favorite movie of his? Let’s hear it!!