Bad Teacher

I have a problem when it comes to watching movies, sometimes. A lot of times, see, I just can’t watch a movie for what it IS without getting caught up in thinking what it could’ve been. Or should’ve been. Perhaps it’s the repressed directorial fantasies I harbor. LOL. Regardless, when I come across a movie like “Bad Teacher” I can’t help getting fixated on “Why didn’t they just”s…

I mean, it’s got a great premise, really, doesn’t it? I can totally imagine the pitch meeting… “Alright, are you ready for this?? Baaad Teeacher!! Huh? Huh?” And I’m in, you know, green light! ‘Cause it sounds fun. Comedy potential galore.¬†There’s certainly enough talent on board, and you’re not going to have any trouble filling the trailer with jokes, so lets do this thing!

And some of that makes its way to the screen, sure. Diaz shows movies in class all day every day and sleeps through them. She openly mocks some of her students, drinks during class, and gets high in the parking lot. Only somewhere along the way, “Bad Teacher” becomes “Bad Co-Worker”. I think in the end, the ratio of time shown with Diaz’s character (Jesus, I just came from the movie and I can’t remember her name. LOL. I could lie right here and look it up, but isn’t it more telling that I can’t even remember the lead characters name 20 minutes after watching the freaking movie?) teaching vs dealing with her fellow teachers and her principal is like, 5 to 1 in the wrong direction. I went in wanting to see the anti “Stand and Deliver”, you know? School of Rock, except the teacher doesn’t give a crap! I asked myself at one point, didn’t anybody involved in this movie ever see “The Bad News Bears”? Just bring it inside for Christ’s sakes!¬†

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