Fogs’ Movie Reviews has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Best Running Feature!

Lammy-111Just a quick post to let everyone know that FMR¬†has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Best Running Feature for my series Movies That Everyone Should See. ūüėÄ

I wanted to thank everyone who voted, and let everyone know how much this means to me.¬†Movies That Everyone Should See is the “heart and soul” of FMR, without a doubt. I work on those pieces extremely hard, and I take more pride in them than just about anything else I do here.¬†I’m especially overwhelmed by the number of votes I received in this category… so honestly, thank you all so much!

Congratulations also go¬†to The Droid You’re Looking For (Fun with Netflix Viewer Reviews), The Cinematic Katzenjammer (DVD Court), And So It Begins (In Character), and Cinematic Corner (Visual Parallels)! Be sure to check them out!

Thanks also to Nicole at The Madlab Post, who did a very cool presentation video (below)!


Fogs’ Movie Reviews has been nominated for NINE Lammy Awards

Holy CrapThis morning, the Large Association of Movie Blogs (The Lamb)¬†released the official list of nominees¬†for this year’s edition of their annual movie blogging awards: The Lammys. The LAMB is the premiere movie blogging community on the internet, boasting over 1,500 member blogs. The Lammys are, accordingly, one of the highest honors in movie blogging.

Fogs’ Movie Reviews has received nominations in nine separate categories: Most Knowledgeable, Best Blogathon, Best Convention Coverage, Best Podcast, Best Running Feature, Best Reviewer, Best Community Builder, Funniest Writer and Best Blog.

For the second year in a row, it’s the most nominations received¬†by any blog (tied this year with The Cinematic Katzenjammer, which also received nine nominations).

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to those who cast nomination votes on my behalf. It’s humbling and gratifying to receive recognition in so many various categories.¬†If you’ll¬†click through, I break down my qualifications for each!¬†

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The nominations for the 2013 are about to open. My request for your consideration.

Lammy-111Hey everyone.

I wanted to take this opportunity to bring your attention to the fact that the nomination voting for the 2013 Lammys, the official awards of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, will be opening tomorrow. My blog was “submitted” in a number of categories, and I’d like to ask for¬†nomination votes¬†from those of you who belong to the LAMB.

Please take a moment and click through to read my appeal for your nominations!

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