Follow Fridays!: Morgan on Media


This Friday’s “Follow Fridays” spotlight shines on Morgan on Media, the blog of FMR regular Morgan R. Lewis!

Click through and I’ll highlight why you should check it out!! 😀

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Follow Fridays!: Paragraph Film Reviews


And with Friday comes another edition of our blog spotlight series, “Follow Fridays”! This week, it’s Paragraph Film Reviews, the movie blog where you can get your reviews in a single paragraph format!

Click through and check out what they have going on!

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Follow Fridays!: Aidy Reviews

This week’s “Follow Fridays!” is long overdue.

Our buddy Aidy has taken the “Hook us up” campaign to heart and added us to her #checkout series… So I’ve wanted to tell everyone about her blog since I came up with this idea, and today the timing finally works out.

So, please allow me your attention to…Aidy 😀

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