Catching the Classics: Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon PosterSince 1998, I have been maintaining a list of movies that I wanted to see. Sometimes these are all-time classics that passed me by, sometimes they’re genre classics that interest me. The list grows regularly and is currently more than 1800 movies long. Fogs has gone through and hand-picked several classic films for me to “fast-track” and review here. This is one of those films.

It’s something of a puzzler how it took me so long to track down this movie. It’s almost impossible, as a sci-fi fan, not to be aware of Flash Gordon. I haven’t seen the old serials, but I’ve known of them for years. I’ve read a few of the pulp novels. I’ve heard the soundtrack by Queen. Knew the character names, knew the aesthetic, and somehow didn’t ever get around to actually seeing the thing. Obviously that had to be remedied.

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