Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Animated Movie?

Watching and reviewing “The Lorax” this weekend got me to thinking about animated movies. There were a couple of commenters and a few other bloggers debate whether or not the film would be enjoyable for adults.

So it got me thinking about animated movies, and here we are. I have no qualms over enjoying animated fare just like every other type of film. The fact that they’re accessible to children doesn’t mean that they’re inaccessible to adults! I enjoy the colorful visuals and the fun stories, the in-jokes and the morals… all of it.

What are YOUR favorite animated movies? If you’ve grown out of them as an adult, that’s ok, you probably had one or two from when you’re a kid, right? Or perhaps now you have children of your own and can enjoy the fact that they enjoy them so much. Regardless, I think one way or another, everyone can get excited about animated movies. Feature length cartoons….

And I want to know what YOUR favorites are! Let me hear them! 😀