The Sitter

I don’t have anything much dramatic, or creative, or funny to say about “The Sitter”.

I have to say, my muse is failing me right now.

“The Sitter” is a tepid comedy about a reluctant babysitter who has to oversee three behaviourally challenged children, then makes some unfathomably irresponsible choices, and winds up in a series of completely implausible situations.

Unfortunately, in spite of all the far-fetched, ridiculous reaches of its plotline, none of it is all that funny.

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Movies That Everyone Should See: “The Princess Bride”


“The Princess Bride” is a fairy tale.

It’s a story from a storybook, read to a child, by a grandfather. Brought to life and put on the big screen for us to treasure.

It’s a blend of comedy, romance, and adventure, and it gets the recipe just right.

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