For Your Consideration: Best Reviewer

The final of my “For Your Consideration” posts for the 2012 Lammys. I want to thank all of you for bearing with me through this process, I realize that this isn’t necessarily the kind of content you’re out to read each day…

But I know that these posts have been well received within the Lamb, and hopefully I’ve picked up a vote or two along the way.

The final category I present for your consideration is “Best Reviewer”, a category which I’ve been nominated in along with five other bloggers. Sam Fragoso of Duke & the Movies, Ryan McNeil of The Matinee, Andy Buckle of The Film Emporium, Dan O’Neill of Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews, and James Blake Ewing of Cinema Sights.

I’ve included links to a sampling of each nominee’s work, so that you can get a feeling for their style!

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Follow Fridays!: Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

It’s Friday, and it’s a long weekend (here in the States at least :D)! So what better way to kick things off than with a really great movie blog recommendation?

This time up? The super prolific “Dan the Man” of Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews! You may know Dan as CMrok93, the screen name he uses to comment and reply, he’s visited here on many occasions, in fact I’m sure many of you have seen him on your blogs as well! 

Dan’s one of the hardest working reviewers around, he’s cranking out reviews left and right… click through to read more about his site!!

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