Tossin’ It Out There: What are YOUR favorite movie mental breakdowns?

Crazy!! But that’s how it gooooes… Millions of people, liv– Oh. Sorry. I thought I had broken myself of that habit.

So anyway, this week’s tossing it out there revolves around mental breakdowns! Because this blogging stuff is I was watching a certain movie that shall not be named until I post about it tomorrow (don’t want to give away the surprise) about a Ballerina who is performing Swan Lake and who starts to go a little cuckoo. I know, I hate keeping you in suspense, but come back tomorrow! You can find out what movie I was talking about then!

But it got me thinking that people going crazy has been done in movies a lot… and that it would be a good one to talk about. Not so much “Rain Man”, “I am Sam”, “Happy Jack” mental disorder now… I’m talking “The Shining”, “The Amityville Horror”, “Full Metal Jacket” going crazy movies!

Doesn’t have to be full movie. Can just be a part of a movie, or a really good scene or two maybe if you like. Big fan of Richard Dreyfuss losing his shit in “What About Bob?” hit it. Big fan of “The Room”? “You are tearing me apart Lisa!!” Hit it. (In fact, bonus points for “The Room”)

Let me hear it!! What are you favorite movies and movie moments about people going off the rails?!