The 2011 FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Worst Picture

Drum roll please.

Or in this case, perhaps a de-dum-tum-tsccch rim shot would be more appopriate.

Here we are. The WORST Movie released in 2011. There’s a lot of stinkers. Hollywood will do anything to make a buck. But in these cases, they crossed the line. These movies were laughable attempts at making a “quality” product, they reaked like rotting fish. I wouldnt wish them on you under any cuircumstances.

Your nominees are: “Abduction”, “Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son”, “The Change Up”, “Immortals”, “Jack and Jill”, “Just Go With It”, “New Year’s Eve”, “Priest”, “The Roommate”, and “Season of the Witch”.

The crate please! Wait. What… what’s that sound… why is my desk shaking? The floor? What’s going on? Oh no! It can’t be! It’s… It’s…

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The 2011 FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Worst Actor

Alright boys and girls. Hold your nose, here it goes.

Time to award the 2011 MAJOR Award for Worst Actor.

These five clowns really disgraced themselves this year. Lackluster efforts, garbagey characters, gawd awful attempts at comedy…  each of these hacks gave new meaning to the term “epic fail”.

Your Nominees are: Nicolas Cage, “Season of the Witch”, Taylor Lautner, “Abduction”, Martin Lawrence, “Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son”, and Adam Sandler for “Jack and Jill”, and again for “Just go With It”.

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Jack and Jill

It’s dull, it’s dumb, it predictably tries to turn into a “tug at the heartstrings” type movie along the way. Adam Sandler isn’t just ugly as hell in drag, he makes his “sister” character a shrill, annoying, emotionally fragile nightmare of a character.

But maybe I’ve just run out of hyperbole for the weekend, maybe I’m just happy a movie tries to entertain after the waterboarding that was “J. Edgar”, maybe I’m just happy to still be sane after watching “Immortals”.

Whatever it is, I’m feeling merciful here, sorry if that disappoints anyone.

While it’s FAR from recommendable, by any strecth of the imagination, it’s not the horrifying F minus minus of a movie that I thought it would be.

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