Movies That Everyone Should See: “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

Vintery, mintery, cutery, corn,
Apple seed and apple thorn,
Wire, briar, limber lock
Three geese in a flock
One flew East
One flew West
And one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

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The Top Ten Comic Book Superhero Movies

Now that the major Superhero movies of the summer are behind us, and after ranking them on (title pending), (albeit with a glaring omission, LOL) I decided to turn this month’s Top Ten list to the topic of Superhero movies. I’ll slightly differentiate from last week’s (title pending) list by specifying that these have to be based on a comic book character, how’s that? That way I don’t have to work in “The Incredibles” or “Unbreakable”, either. Let’s keep this focused.

Much like the “Western” or the “War movie”, the “Superhero movie” is currently in the midst of its run as king of the Hollywood genre offering, and it’s not likely to go away anytime soon, with all three big Superhero movies this summer pulling in massive dollars.

So let’s take a look back at the best of those that have been released so far – based on a comic book character. Here’s my list of the Top Ten Superhero Movies.

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The LAMB’s Movie of the Month: Help Support “The Shining”!

Calling all FMR Readers! I need your help!

(Fogs gets up and sounds the bugle, but all that comes out is a weak, dying bleat…)

“Never had one lesson!” 😀

I’ve been lucky enough to score a spot on another Lambcast! The Lambcast is the official podcast of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, which now includes over 1,200 sites as members. The episode I’ll be on is scheduled to record early next month… and the topic will be the movie that wins this month’s “Movie of the Month” poll.

So I’m getting out the vote… I dont want to wind up talking about “Hackers”… c’mon! There’s a movie there I’d like to champion, and I’m hoping you’ll help me support it, so that I can make the most of my guest spot and really get behind the movie in question. It’s Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest horror films of all time, from one of the greatest directors of all time, starring one of the biggest movie stars of all time, in one of his most legendary roles. This is an awesome movie, complete with iconic images, memorable quotes, and one of the greatest villains (anti-heroes? LOL) ever to hit the screen.

Jack Torrance.

I’ve also been hoping to connect with a “Movie of the Month” in order to write up a “Movie That Everyone Should See” column on it. Each month LAMB members who choose to submit articles they’ve written in regards to the MOTM in question, and I just haven’t connected with one in the few months since I’ve been a member. This is a chance to change that in a BIG way.

So help me out! Swing over to the Movie of the Month poll by clicking this link, tell ’em…

Heeeeere’s Johnny!