James Bond: Classic, Cheese or Crap? – “Thunderball”



Bond: Sean Connery

Classic, Cheese or Crap? CLASSIC

Thunderball. This movie practically defines why the Bond series should be considered Classic. From Tom Jones belting out the opening theme to the airlift rescue at the end, everything about this movie oozes 1960s cold war era cool. Bond uses a jet pack. The villain tries to kill him by locking him in a shark tank. He beds like 3, 4 different women (no matter which side they’re on) and they’re all gorgeous. The finale is an under water speargun war between about 200 parachuting frogmen. I’m not kidding. I mean, the villain wears an eyepatch! COME ON!! That’s AWE-some

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New Series: James Bond. Classic, Cheese, or Crap?

I know lots of Star Wars fans. Hell, my niece┬áhas already dressed up as a Jedi once for Halloween and she hasn’t even been to kindergarten yet.

I know a handful of Star Trek fans. Not the people who like the new movie, mind you, I’m talking about the people that watched “Voyager”…

I know a couple of Harry Potter fans. People who know the differences between the books and the movies, that kind of thing.

And comic book/Superhero movies? LOL, yeah, I run with that crowd. So what?

But I don’t (personally) know a single James Bond fan aside from myself. Which is a damn shame. The James Bond franchise is the oldest, most successful movie franchise in history. Next year will be its 50th anniversary. 50th! There’s been 22 (official) films starring 6 different Bonds, and the series has NEVER had a flop. Only varying degrees of success.

That’s awesome, to me. It’s historic. And I feel like it’s not getting the props it deserves.

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