Awesomely Awful: “Rock and Roll Nightmare” (The Second Stanza)

Rock and Roll Nightmare (The Second Stanza)

You can read the first part of my Awesomely Awful “Rock and Roll Nightmare” write-up here.

When we last left our heroes, Thor and the Tritonz, everyone had settled in to bed for the evening, and was involved in some stage of hooking up or attempting to hook up. When Drummer “Stig” heads off to the bathroom alone, he meets his untimely demise at the hands of this creature:

Is that… ketchup? Tomato Soup?

Now the demon has taken on Stig’s form, and he’s headed into Luanne’s room! Will she fall for it? Can she be saved??

Read on Awesomely Awful fans, read on!

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Awesomely Awful: “Rock and Roll Nightmare”

Let’s open this one with this bit of fun… While surfing for images to lead this post with, I came across the “Rock and Roll Nightmare” soundtrack! A beaut, to be sure.

See if you can pick out which one of the following ridiculous song titles below is made up:

We Live to Rock (Let’s Tune Our Weapons)    
Damage Control (Let’s Rock One)     
Nocturnal Invader (Phil’s Demise)      
March of the Purple Star Fish   
Somewhere When Rises the Moon

Awww… I’m just messing with you! NONE of them are. Each of them is an actual track listing from the soundtrack to this movie!!

Well Allllrighhhht. 🙂

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