Parental Guidance


Old fashioned grandparents get called in to babysit grandchildren that are the products of (highly exaggerated) modern parenting. Much to everyone’s dismay, Grandma and Grandpa start butting in and offering advice and getting involved.

Will this lead to child rearing tragedy, with emotionally scarred children and adult relationships damaged beyond repair? Or will everything work out in the end because the old ways had a touch of wisdom to them after all?

C’mon. Do you really need me to tell you?

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The Ides of March

In the short time that I’ve been doing this movie blogging thing, I’ve come across the “Head vs Heart” conundrum several times already. Only usually, it’s the reverse of the situation I’m in now. See, typically it comes up when I’ve just watched some movie that I know most critics are going to call a piece of crap, and I recognize as a piece of crap, but I find myself coming up with excuses for why I enjoyed it.

Now, however, I just got back from a movie that… by all objective measures was excellent. It’s excellently acted, it has a very complex and engrossing plot, and Clooney did an excellent job calling the shots. The film looks great.

I just can’t get past the fact… I didn’t LIKE it that much.

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