The Great Debates: The Godfather vs. The Godfather Part II

Howdy Everybody!   I’m throwing another feature into the mix. We’ll see how quickly I run out of these, or if it degenerates into just a movie poll thread eventually or something…   But my intention, at least at the onset here, is to give us a spot to discuss and debate some of the great movie questions of our time.

To start us off? I thought… lets lead with the big one. This is a debate and a discussion that I’ve had several times personally, and I know that people actively take sides. It’s one of the best movie debates ever, because they’re both incredible, incredible movies. Well, I want to hear which side YOU stand on… and why.

Which movie is better, Godfather I or Godfather II?  Click through to read the “Tale of the Tape”.

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Movies That Everyone Should See: “On the Waterfront”


In 1948, The New York Sun ran a 24 part, pulitzer prize winning exposé entitled “Crime on the Waterfront”. The series exposed the graft, theft, loan sharking, extortion, kickbacks, corruption and racketeering which were rampant on the shipping docks of New York and New Jersey. In light of the revelations, the two states obtained approval from Congress and the President to form the Waterfront Crime Commission of New York Harbor, which is still in existence today.

It also inspired one of the greatest movies of all time.

“On the Waterfront”.

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