New Episode of the (title pending) Movie Podcast!!

It’s another episode of the (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

Except… Tank’s not with us this week…

So, instead, we called in a pinch hitter! FMR Regular and fellow contributor Jason “SockofFleagulls” Gross!

Jason runs a music and nostalgia blog at and for a WHILE now we’ve been discussing putting together a podcast that would discuss the relationship between popular music and movies.

And now the moment is here at last, with this episode of the (title pending) Movie Podcast! After I quick hit the three big releases of the week (“Man on a Ledge”, “One for the Money”, and “The Grey”) Jay and I break down some history behind pop music and the movies, discuss some of our songs we can’t hear without thinking of the film, and then break down the Best Selling Soundtracks of all time.

And finally, in an epic bit… we unleash “The Finger in the Throat Trifecta”. Oh yes. 😉

It’s a great podcast, it was a ton of fun to record, you’ll love it so check it out! As always, you can download it from buzzsprout here or find us on iTunes (PLEASE leave us a review if you do!)

Give it a listen and then swing back to this week’s Tossin’ It out There (below) to tell us what YOUR favorite movie music is!