News Worth Sharing: Legendary Television Creator/Producer Sherwood Schwartz dies

Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of Gilligan’s Island and the Brady Bunch passed away this morning at the age of 94.

I had known that Schwartz was the man behind these shows, but what I didn’t know until today was that he actually penned both theme songs. That’s amazing to me, especially considering how memorable they are.

TV Land ran a “Tv’s top 40 theme songs” in 2002, and “Gilligan’s Island”‘s theme was number one, and the “Brady Bunch” was number seven.  

I logged countless hours watching each of these shows when I was young, so I feel a brief tip of the cap is due.

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Why Columbo was one of the Greatest TV Characters Ever

At work today, one of my co-workers casually mentions “Columbo died.”

I was a bit stunned, I love Columbo. “Peter Falk died?” I asked him back quickly…

Here’s how he answers, he laughs and says, “You know the dude’s name?”

Obviously, we haven’t been working together that long. But even if he should have known I’m a movie and tv freak, he also should have known that Columbo was played by Peter Falk.

Its a sad fact though. Pop culture fades with time. As we get older, fewer and fewer of the stars that we know and love now will be rembered by the younger generations. Think of how it is for the generation before us. Unless you’re a hardcore movie fan, you probably know Marilyn  Monroe, Marlon Brando, Liz Taylor, Paul Newman, maybe a small handful of other actors and actresses by name. But the cinemas were full of entire troupes of actors back then just as they are now. Hundreds of actors. And all those B Listers and C Listers and many, many A Listers that were common names then – people have no clue about now. It’s certainly not the saddest thing about getting old, but its part of it, for sure.

So I spent some time today reading about Peter Falk (never knew he got his start in acting in CT. Go CT!) and watched a couple of episodes of Columbo on Netflix and felt I needed to write something. But the question I kept coming back to is…

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