Paranormal Activity 4

I’m a huge fan of 2007’s “Paranormal Activity”. I thought it brilliantly took the haunted house story out of dusty, dilapidated Victorian mansions and brought it to the suburban development. It was ingenious in the way it preyed on our subconscious fears of the dark and of things that go bump in the night.

“Paranormal Activity 2” served up “More of the same”, but at least it was still served warm. One sequel that plays the same song is completely acceptable by today’s standards.

I thought for certain though that the wheels would come off in the third chapter, but by bringing children into the mix and expanding the mythos, “Paranormal Activity 3” was surprisingly good. Better than the second chapter, in fact.

Unfortunately, with “Paranormal Activity 4”, the series finally seems out of gas. The “scares” are so tired they fail to even rise to the level of “startles”, and the mythology that served as an asset in the previous chapter now feels like a shackle weighing this film down.

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