Under the Radar?: “Robot & Frank”

Robot and Frank

“Robot and Frank” is a unique indie film about a man who befriends his home healthcare Robot… by teaching it to help him commit burglaries. After Frank is given the robotic home health care aide by his concerned children, he finds a way to manipulate its programming in order to help him reinvigorate his life of crime.

Starring Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon, Liv Tyler, James MardsenĀ and the voice of Peter Sarsgaard, “RobotĀ & Frank” is an indie gem that will entertain and warm your heart.

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Now Showing on Cable: “Green Lantern”


Premiering this weekend on HBO was one of last year’s quartet of big budget superhero movies, Warner Brothers’ and DC’s “Green Lantern”. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong and Peter Sarsgaard, the movie underperformed at the box office and was derided by critics (it sits at 27% on Rotten Tomatoes).

It was also one of my very earliest reviews, and I enthusiastically sang its praises.

Now that nine months have passed, public consensus has been arrived at, and I’ve had a chance to re-watch it, have I downgraded my opinion?

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Now showing on cable: “Knight and Day”

Premiering this weekend on Cinemax was 2010’s action comedy, “Knight and Day”, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Cruise stars as a secret operative who has gone rogue for the sake of protecting an innovative new source of energy and its inventor. Diaz is the single woman he “runs into” at the airport in order to plant something on her and bypass security.

On the nearly empty flight they board, Cruise and Diaz flirt, and sparks obviously fly. However, when Diaz has to excuse herself to go to the restroom, Cruise is attacked by essentially every other person on the plane, including the pilots. Cruise takes all of them out and crash lands the plane in a cornfield. Once they’ve debarked safely, Cruise informs Diaz that her life will be in danger now. He drugs her and returns her safely home, but keeps an eye on her.

When the assassins he predicted do indeed show up to eliminate her, the hijinks ensue.

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