Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Romantic Movie?

It’s Valentine’s Day!

And as tempting as it was for me to “run counter-programing” today (What’s YOUR Favorite Slasher Movie?), I’m going to take this opportunity to reflect my openness…

As long as we’re prepared for a thread full of “Oh? Is that any good?” and “Hmm, I haven’t seen that one” replies from me, I think we’ll be ok.

So here it is! What’s YOUR Favorite Mushy Movie?

Your Favorite Romantic Movie of all time! Doesn’t have to be a straight up Romance, it can be a Rom-Com, it can be a movie with a heavy Romantic subplot… I mean, my answer would probably be Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, or Natural Born Killers. LOL, ok, naw, not NBK… but it would definitely be a movie with a strong romance, yet not a chick flick. Something like the fantastic “Out of Sight”, which was on the other day. Romance? Tons! But plenty of crime and comedy, too. 😀

Of course, if you like the straight up sweet stuff, that’s fine, knock yourself out. The Notebook? Titanic? Ghost? Love Story? Whatever you want. Classic Romances? Casablanca? Breakfast at Tiffany’s? The African Queen? Go for it, let us hear it.

So what do you think? What’s YOUR Favorite Romantic Movie?