New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

What’s up, (title pending) listeners, here’s a brand new episode for you!

Once again we have full slate of new releases to review for you. This week, it’s a wide variety – the animated “Hotel Transylvania,” the inspirational “Won’t Back Down”, Paul Thomas Anderson’s high brow “The Master”, and the time traveling “Looper”. There’s plenty to discuss, together these movies cover a wide gamut of movie styles!

In our featured discussion of the week, we talk about “Looper” star Bruce Willis. Willis has had a storied career, stretched out over 3 decades now, and he’s given us a diverse range of offerings, from undeniable classics… truly some of the best movies ever… to extreme mail-in jobs that make you wonder if he’s just collecting a check. Tank and I tell you like it is!

It’s another fantastic episode, so be sure to give it a listen! You can download it directly here, or as always, look for us on iTunes or Stitcher Radio by searching for title pending and/or Tank and Fogs!


New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. The latest and greatest episode of the (title pending) Movie Podcast has arrived!

We have reviews of “ParaNorman”, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”, and “The Expendables 2” along with a very special (title pending) exclusive! The World Premiere of the trailer for “The Expendables 3”! I know, I know. It’s unbelievable! Give it a listen, I think you’ll be as excited about it as we are!

We turn our discussion of the week to the filmography of Tony Scott, in memoriam, due to his passing earlier this week. It was a tragic turn of events, and Tank and I both felt it only appropriate that we discuss his career and legacy, so we break down our feelings and recollections on his filmography.

It’s another fantastic episode of (title pending) goodness, check it out! You can download it directly, here, or look for us on Stitcher or iTunes by searching for (title pending) or Tank and Fogs!

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New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

Ta dah!!

It’s another episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast!!

Another awesome movie related discussion, kicking off with another Tanski original song (LOL, I kid you not, the guy is gold) and everyone’s favorite game, “Has Tank Seen Scarface?”. Then we head into the Box Office Roundup in order to discuss the latest Earth-Shattering results from Marvel’s “The Avengers”!!

Our featured review of the week is the Tim Burton / Johnny Depp collaboration “Dark Shadows”. As such, we decided to turn our attention to the career of Mr. Burton in our feature discussion. Together the two of us look back at his filmography and let you know what we think on his Movies. From the highs (“Beetlejuice”, “Batman”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Ed Wood”) to the lows (“Mars Attacks”, “Planet of the Apes”) we hit ’em all.

So come check it out! You know it’ll be an enjoyable listen! You can download the episode directly here, or look for us on iTunes by searching for (title pending) or Tank and Fogs! While you’re out there, don’t forget to leave us a review! 😀

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