Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Classic Movie?

casablancaYesterday’s “Lawrence of Arabia” post got me thinking about the classics. Those movies of an age gone by that still resonate with us today.

Many still hold a lofty place in pop culture. The land of Oz gets revisited this Friday. Who wouldn’t be able to answer “What movie is the (misquote) ‘Play it again, Sam’ from?” Everyone still knows King Kong. From the mysteries of Alfred Hitchcock to the westerns of John Wayne, Classic Films are still alive and well thanks to TV and DVDs.

What’s YOUR favorite? Are you partial to Bogart? A sucker for noirs like “Double Indemnity”? Maybe it’s “On the Waterfront” or “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Any “Sunset Boulevard” fans out there?

Which ever one it is, let’s hear it! What are YOUR favorite Classic Movies?


Daniel Fogarty


Tossin’ It Out There: Which “classic” movie do YOU feel is overrated?

Hello everyone. Welcome to another new series here at This one is entitled “Tossin’ It Out There”.

The intention of these posts is to initiate a discussion on a given subject. I’ll bring up a subject, and then toss it over to you, and see what you think.

Feel free to comment on other peoples comments – but please remember, be respectful. 😀

Leading the series off?

Which “Classic” movie do you feel is overrated? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a classic per se, it could be any beloved movie. There have to be movies which… You just don’t see what everybody else finds so “wonderful” about it.

My friend Garner and I had discussed this (thanks G), I had seen similar discussions out in the blogosphere (Castor I promise not to steal your topics TOO often, LOL), and then PG led the comments on Beauty and the Beast saying he didn’t see eye to eye with the masses on it, and that post wound up eventually having twice the comments of the others in that series.

So the time is right.

What do you think? Don’t leave me hangin’, you KNOW there are movies you just don’t “get” the lofty status of!

Let me hear ’em!!