Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Vampire Movie?

This weekend saw Johnny Depp put on the fangs for the first time in his career, and while I doubt that his Barnabas Collins will be the choice of many people, it did make me think that Vampires might make a good topic for this week’s Tossin’ It Out There.

Wikipedia lists out nearly 300 Vampire Movies on its page on the subject. IMDb has 771 movies with the keyword “Vampire”. There’s really no doubt about the fact that these creatures of myth have been well represented in films. 2012 isn’t even done releasing movies featuring Vampires, there are at least three more to come: “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter”, “Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” and the animated “Hotel Transylvania”.

From the classics (“Nosferatu”, “Dracula”) to the comedic (“Dracula: Dead and Loving It”), from the romantic (“Bram Stoker’s Dracula”) to the regrettable (“Priest”), Vampires have been used in a wide variety of movies, featuring a number of different styles and tones.

Perhaps you’re nostalgic for 80’s classics (“Fright Night”, “Lost Boys”). Or do you prefer your Vampires heroic (“Blade”)? Young and Creepy (“Let the Right One In”)

Whatever it is, there’s a Vampire movie to fit your tastes. So let’s hear it, who’s your favorite Vampire? Does is irritate you when they play fast and loose with the rules? (Practically all Depp needs to do in Dark Shadows is wear sun tan lotion in order to go out into the sun, LOL) What are YOUR favorite Vampire Movies?