Now Showing on Cable: “Scream 4”


Debuting this weekend on Showtime was “Scream 4”, Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven’s return to Woodsboro. Ten years after “Scream 3”, all the key principals reunite in order to see if they can resuscitate the dormant horror franchise.

The “Scream” franchise has always been known for being a self-aware genre critique. The original’s clever script and rising-star cast turned it into a modern horror classic. The sequel was a worthy one, continuing the “meta” trend by turning the commentary to sequels. The third, however, was an abominable disappointment, drawing scorn from critics and underperforming the previous installments. Essentially, “Scream 3” ended the franchise… til now.

But was Woodsboro worth returning to?

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Now showing on cable: “My Soul To Take”

Premiering tonight on Cinemax is one of the latest offerings from Wes Craven, 2010’s “My Soul to Take”.

“My Soul to Take” is a slasher movie brimming with ridiculousness.

The basic plot is that seven children are prematurely born at the exact moment a serial killer (“The Ripper”) is killed. On their sixteenth birthday, he somehow returns and begins to kill them off one by one.

There was a point mid-way through where I realized that the movie would have been much better if he could have killed them all at once and been done with it quickly.

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