Announcing the 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards

Announcing the

Hey everyone, what’s up.

This post is to inform everyone of my plans for the next couple of weeks here. Beginning Monday, 1/7 and running through Sunday 1/20, I’ll be running the second annual FMR MAJOR Awards, where I break down the best and worst in movies for the year that was 2012.

Last year at this time, I considered it… let’s say… a bit of a gamble to really play up my year-end awards like this. Instead of one simple post announcing my top ten for the year, I would do an entire week building things up by announcing the nominees – in numerous categories – and then another entire week announcing the winners. Two posts a day. Regular content would be put on hold. I honestly thought that there was good chance that people would reject it.

They didn’t.

The MAJOR Awards were undeniably one of the highlights of my first year of blogging. Not only did everyone respond enthusiastically, a good number of new visitors found their way here to check out what was going on. It wound up being a massive success.

So I’m really excited to hold them again this year. Hopefully everyone will embrace them as much as they did last year!

Click through to check out the schedule of events!

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